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#AD| Discover My Lancôme Skincare Edit Using Advanced Genifique Serum & Absolue Skincare Range!

At the age of 51 I can definitely say that I know myself and the things that bring me happiness very well.  It’s something that often takes time and maturity, and more than a few years of bumpy roads and false starts, but as it says on the Lancôme website - “Happiness is the most attractive form of Beauty”, and so learning to nurture the multifaceted needs of our personalities and prioritise our own happiness is something that we all ought to take time to invest in. 

Personally, I am an eternal optimist who is as happy to brave the elements on a cold and blustery country walk, as I am to retreat into the warmth of indoors for the rather more glamorous occasions where I am able to indulge the side of me that loves to dress up and sparkle.

From one day to the next, you will never know whether you’ll find me knee deep in gardening compost and wellington boots or fully glammed up in high heels and pearls.  What is never missing however, come rain or shine and whether the day calls for function or fashion -is my slick of red lipstick, and my carefully primed skin.

The truth is that despite my spontaneous and happy go lucky attitude when it comes to my life around Hill House, the one thing that I take extremely seriously and never leave to chance is my skincare, and as an avid gardener my skin is often left windswept and tired and in need of care and attention.  Growing older is a delightful privilege and one that I respectfully accept and take in my stride, but growing older whilst maintaining good skin takes a little time and consideration, and should never be left to chance!

Like many among us, I have known and used  the Lancôme brand for many years.  Similar to the other heritage brands that I have loved since my youth, Lancôme is one of the tried and trusted names in the beauty industry that I have confidently remained loyal to.  Experimenting is of course fun,  but there is great value in knowing that whilst other fleeting flirtations may come and go, there are certain products that you will be returning to again and again over the years.

When it comes to my skin in particular, I love and relish the act of a regular routine.  I like to know that a particular formula has been made to target my age group and help combat the particular traits and issues that can crop up in ones fifties and beyond.  Good skin is rarely simply by chance and my current daily routine focuses around Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Serum and the Absolue skincare range - all of which have been developed using pioneering science and innovative ingredients.

Here I will explain my routine for you product by product including the science behind each cream and serum, plus why it suits me, so that you too can realise the benefits of the range.

My Complete routine 

STEP 1: The Absolue Cleansing Oil in Gel:

Absolue Cleansing Oil in A Gel
I came to the benefits of using oils on my skin rather late in life, but now there’s no turning back!  This cleansing oil actually starts out in gel form and quickly transforms into a luxurious feeling oil, which not only feels nourishing despite being at the start of my routine, but also leaves my skin feeling totally clean without leaving it feeling dry or tight.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my mascara and my cat eye eyeliner, so it’s incredibly important that I have a cleanser that can easily remove both at the end of the day without the need to rub the area around my eyes too vigorously.  The Absolue Cleansing Gel achieves this smoothly and effortlessly.  Made with a precious blend of cleansing oils and Grand Rose Extracts; The Lancome Rose™, Centifolia Rose and Rose Damascena - it also smells heavenly!

STEP 2: The Absolue Precious Cells Revitalising Rose Lotion:

Absolue Precious Cells Revitalising Rose Lotion

For anyone who is more used to a two step routine, the benefits of adding a few extra luxurious steps and using the cell Revitalising Rose lotion will feel immediate.  It did to me.  It feels like a light fluid when it is first applied, but gets absorbed into my freshly cleansed skin quickly and easily, leaving my skin feeling soothed and instantly ‘brighter’  - as if it has suddenly woken up! The gel is infused with a blend of three rose extracts, rose water and real rose petal extracts, and was created to “deliver moisture and refreshing radiance”.  It’s job is to ensure that the skin feels plumper and revitalised, ready for the serum and moisturisers, and I can honestly say that it delivers! 

STEP 3: The Advanced Genifique Serum:

Advanced Genifique Serum

This product is one of the key reasons why my skin manages to maintain it’s youthful glow.  I have been using Advance Génifique Serum as part of my routine for a while now, but even after a few weeks of daily use right from the beginning, my skin looked visibly more radiant, felt firmer and was definitely smoother.  It aims to visibly improve fine lines, uneven skin tone and uneven skin texture, which are all issues that we can often go hand in hand with ageing unless we target these issues directly.

I wanted to find a product that would help to eliminate the dullness that I worried my skin was developing, as well as tighten the texture up a little.  I wanted something that had been proven to help other women and was encouraged to find out that The Advanced Génifique Serum had already received so many accolades since its introduction into the world of skincare. Having first been launched in 2009, The Advanced Génifique Serum has a unique efficacy for targeting signs of ageing and as a result has earned an iconic and trusted status from users all over the world, with over 11,000 5 star reviews on**

Considering it’s already auspicious start, in 2019 the serum was enhanced for even better performance, and is now enriched with seven pre- and probiotic derived extracts and hyaluronic acid.  Which means that it helps strengthen the skins barrier and leaves skin looking younger, so once I have applied the serum, I am ready for ;

STEP 4: The Absolue Soft Cream

Absolue Soft Cream

This is the part of the routine that I really take my time with.  An incredibly luxurious feeling moisturising soft cream, I apply it by taking the opportunity to simultaneously massage my cheeks, chin and forehead with a light and soothing pressure.  My skin is always left feeling nourished, radiant and revitalised, and increasingly more soft and supple as the routine progresses.  It leaves the skin with a gorgeous velvety soft glow, reminding me of how my skin felt in my youth - which is exactly the result that we’re after!  

As with all of the products mentioned, the Grand Rose Extracts sits at the heart of the Absolue Range (enriched with Lancome Rose, Rose Damascena and Centifolia Rose), and as an added environmentally friendly bonus - the Absolue soft cream is refillable.

STEP 5: The Absolue Yeux Eye Cream

Absolue Yeux

I apply this every evening and morning after my Absolue Soft Cream.  

The eyes may be the window to the soul but that doesn’t mean that those ‘windows’ can’t be kept in tip top condition!  My face is naturally very expressive - I’m a joy seeker and I laugh a lot and I’m always outside enjoying the garden and sunshine. As a result, my laughter lines need particular attention, and this is extremely effective in targeting the more visible signs of ageing around the delicate areas around my eyes. 

STEP 6: The Absolue Lip Balm

Absolue Lip Balm
My signature look involves a daily application of red lipstick, which means that my mouth is one of the most vibrant and immediately noticeable things about me.  I need my lips to feel supple and smooth enough for my lipstick to last throughout the day and to continue look good without drying or flaking.

This nourishing lip balm has been developed to soothe and revitalise dry, chapped lips, so that they are left feeling perfectly primed for my lipstick every morning.  The rich melting texture is enriched with a fusion of acacia honey and rosehip seed oil to deeply hydrate the lips and maintain their natural moisture barrier, leaving them looking perfectly plump and kissable until nightfall - or so my husband tells me!

So there you have my routine from start to finish.  Happiness can definitely go a long way in improving how we  look and feel about ourselves, but at times we could all do with a little helping hand to help improve things along the way.  I’m happy to supplement my inner glow with a routine that improves my outer glow as well by using The Advanced Génifique Serum and Absolue skincare range.  With a dedicated routine, Ageing and beauty can go hand in hand, there’s no doubt about it.  

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Friday, 9 October 2020


(#AD/ This post was sponsored by ETSY & Affiliates Link are used.)


 I’ve often been asked why and how I started using @Etsy

Moving to the English countryside a decade ago, I found myself wanting to find beautiful and inventive ways of furnishing my new home whilst on a budget. 

I knew that this was my chance to really put my stamp on my home, as well as an opportunity to express my love of vintage and artisanal products in a carefully curated way.  Thus my first venture onto Etsy was borne out of wanting to find unique items that would truly express who I am and the life that I was leading, and so in the early days, it was all about the one off pieces. The one of a kind vintage homewares and accessories that helped to define my style.

Of course our homes cannot be limited to the simply decorative.  Our environments are also governed by our need for practical and useful items that allow us to function properly in our every day lives.  However, too often, these more functional elements can let the side down when it comes to stylish design and beauty.  However, it doesn’t always have to be that way, and while historically, my Etsy scrolling used to be all about the accessories, today it also encompasses the things that provide functionality alongside beauty, and is an excellent destination for everyday items run by small business.

Etsy has everyday items that not only meet our most basic functional needs (wooden cooking spatulas or hand sewn facemasks anyone?), but that also bring joy to our everyday life through quality and careful craftsmanship that lasts, beautiful design that reflects our unique style, and the ability to personalise and/or customise items just for ourselves and those whom we love.

Etsy sellers are made up of people in local communities all over the world, and as I’ve said before,  I love the fact that, when we make the choice to buy from an Etsy seller, we’re buying something special, something that has a story, and it’s often made by someone working out of their home to create something that we’ll use and cherish everyday.  If you look at the shop descriptions on each sellers page, you can usually find out a little bit about them, where they come from and sometimes there’s even a paragraph about how and why they started their Etsy shop.  It all makes for an extremely enjoyable as well as personal shopping experience - and for me the icing on the cake has to be the individually written notes that you will often receive from the seller as a thank you for purchasing from their shop. Personal touches like that really helps to make you feel connected to the Etsy community, and there’s no better feeling than knowing that I can do my bit to support small businesses by purchasing joyful, unique, high quality, sustainable items that are also made by real people.

So today I’m going to show you two things that I love to use everyday, using my lovely assistant - Coco the dog - as my model!

Every pet owner knows that choosing items for their beloved fur baby is just as important as buying anything else.  Coco is one of the family, and like the rest of us, I want her things to be functional but also unique, fun, meaningful and one-of-a-kind.

Dog leads are an essential part of my everyday life, and on Etsy I found this beautiful customisable rope and collar combination from ADW Accessories.

I was able to choose the leash colour, the whipping around the handle  as well as the metal hardware colour to create a perfectly customised dog lead to suit our own personal taste.  Naturally Coco wholeheartedly approves.

Of course, where there are dog leads, and dog paraphernalia, there is often chaos…and Hill House is certainly no different in that respect!  Fed up with finding Coco’s leads hanging from here there and everywhere, I had this incredibly well made made Dog Lead Hook from Oak Made UK which was personalised with her name.

Easily to secure to a wall, it’s a fine example of when functionality meets craftsmanship meets beauty.

Truth be told, I have an @Etsy Essentials List as long as my arm when it comes to Coco - especially when it comes to customised things with her name on.

Have a look HERE and let me know what you Everyday Essential would be?

Util Next Time!


Tuesday, 22 September 2020

The Etsy Design Awards 2020!

(#AD/ This post was sponsored by ETSY & Affiliates Link are used.)

We all love finding new and unique things for our homes, but it cannot be denied that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years that we've known collectively as shoppers for a long time. However, it’s also been evident during this time, that our enthusiasm for our homes, gardens, creative visions and style cannot be hampered by even a worldwide pandemic. 

Thankfully, despite the challenges this year has brought with it, our need to personalise and be creative with the most important parts of our lives is still wonderfully catered for by the growing number of independent creatives and makers out there, who all share a passion for all things lifestyle, interiors and fashion. 

Etsy is a global marketplace for unique and creative goods where these creatives and makers can sell their wares securely and safely. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures, and when shoppers buy from Etsy, they’re directly supporting people in local communities worldwide. When making shopping decisions, it’s always nice to buy something special, something that has a story, and in a time of increasing automation, it’s good to know that it's Etsy’s mission to keep human connection at the heart of commerce. 

That’s why they built an online marketplace where creativity lives and thrives, connecting a community of Etsy sellers with buyers all over the world who are looking for an alternative ‘special something’ with an individual touch. 

For these reasons, I’m especially delighted to help spread the word about The Etsy Design Awards - also known as the #TheEtsies, which shines a spotlight on their global community of entrepreneurs, showcasing the best of Etsy across multiple categories. 

This year’s main judges include Drew Barrymore and Etsy’s Trend Expert, Dayna Isom Johnson. However, for the first time this year, Etsy will also launch its People’s Choice Award allowing shoppers to vote for their favourite Etsy Design Awards (EDA) finalist (compromising of 100 finalists from across the globe) in several key categories. 

Excitingly, Etsy has just released this year’s finalists in the awards. 100 amazing items across 10 categories. It’s been such fun looking through the entrants, and today I’m going to showcase a selection of the finalists that caught my eye. 

The best bit is that not only can you can shop all of this year’s finalists too by clicking on the items that you like, but you can also become involved in ‘The People’s Choice Award’ and vote for your favourite finalist by going to [] to favourite your preferred finalist and tag a friend in the comments on my Instagram page ‘here’ to have a chance to win a $250 Gift card. 

Happy browsing! #TheEtsies 

Contest T&Cs: 

A 'Bespoke Binny' Lampshade - one of the Etsy People's Choice Awards Finalists, featured in my sitting room. 



2) FromFran - Espresso Cup


3) LouLou Art Studio - Standing on The Shoulders of Our Ancestors African Art


4) Rosie Pietsch - Flora Statement Earrings Tropical Colourway

5) Dani Barbe Shop - Ombre Green Stacking Ring

6) La Geometrie Jewels - Statement Earrings, Natural Sweetwater Pearls & Gold


7) YARKATE - Linen Off The Shoulder Puff Sleeve Summer Dress

8) Linen Fox - Mimosa Wrap Linen Dress


9) Lovely Linen Studio - White Linen Jacket and Trousers Suit


10) Toys With Emotions - Wooden Play Tea Set

11) OonaLoo - African Heritage Doll

12) My Mini Fam - Personalised Family Figurines

13) MiniMaki Design - Watercolour Animal Shape Cushions


14) The Completist London - Overlay Flowers Weekly Planner Book

15) Kyri Design - Illustrated Wedding Guest Place Card


16) Coconut Towers - Custom Pet Portrait

17) 9House Pet Design - Modern Style Big Bowl Pet Bowl Stand

18) LayLo Pets - Modern Mud Cloth Dog Bed


19) KG Curated Space - Vintage 1920's Pink Silk Shell Chair

20) Atelier AF Design - Antique Moritz Zdekauer Teapot & Creamer Set, MZ Austria 1884

21) The Vintage Mistress - Vintage Handbag & Gloves


22) DoDo Leather - Hand Stitched Travel Laptop Backpack

So there you have my picks - let me know which ones you like, Happy Browsing and please get nominating!

Until Next Time..

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