5 Jan 2020

Faded Glamour – An Interview With Pearl Lowe…

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ll know that despite my love of country living and all things vintage, chintzy, home cooked and slow paced – I was actually born and brought up in London, and only made the moved from City mouse to Country mouse ten years ago…

In my old guise as ‘City Paula’, I worked in the fast paced world of fashion;  firstly as the PR for Elite Premier Model Agency (in the heady days of the original Supermodels, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington et al,) ending up as the Bookings Director at British Elle Magazine, where I was responsible for producing all of the fashion, beauty and cover shoots…  

Quite a contrast from my present life where I now find myself usually dressed as a Hobbit, surrounded primarily by fields and sleepy villages, and where the only high maintenance female that I now need cater to, is a canine with four legs called Coco!

I am often asked about how my own experiences have shaped my interior as well as personal style, and I am equally as intrigued to ask the same question when I see others who have made a similar decision to move to the countryside for a slower paced way of life…

Thus, I was recently fortunate enough to be able to interview the immensely elegant and fascinating style icon that is Pearl Lowe.  Known for her glamorously gothic take on vintage style, Pearl is an ex-singer turned fashion and interior designer, who now resides deep in the Somerset countryside…

Already an author of several books, Pearl’s most recent offering is a beautiful interiors book entitled ‘Faded Glamour’ where she showcases her “trademark blend of grandly romantic and cool rock ‘n’ roll interiors”.  Below, Pearl and I discuss interiors and inspirations… 

Did your move to the countryside redefine your interiors style, and if so, what has changed from your London days? 

I think it has, simply because there are so many wonderful antique shops, flea markets and auction rooms here in the country, that sell items within my budget. This has made decorating in the country such a dream. When I lived in London, I loved antique Art Deco furniture (I still do) but it was just so expensive, I couldn’t buy it. Our house was quite minimalist then.

Has the age and architecture of your house influenced your present interior choices? 

Yes definitely! It’s a rambling Georgian house with high ceilings, so it suits lots of furniture, fabrics and rugs.

I love the idea of faded glamour in decorating.  Do you feel that this is part of a ‘slow decorating’, ‘sustainable movement’ in interiors? People are starting to wake up to sustainability. 

One of the most persuasive arguments to buy antique furniture is the positive impact it can have on protecting the environment. Antiques have a lower carbon footprint than modern furniture & are often cheaper. Plus they go up in value & when you’re buying antiques, you’re buying a piece of history. 

Where do you source your favourite pieces for your home from?  i.e. Antiques markets, vintage shops, auction houses? 

I love to buy local, so I buy in my home town of Frome. There are loads  of great antique shops, Bric-n-brac shops, auction houses and it has the best flea market on the first Sunday of every month. 

Do you ever buy home items from the high street and if so, which shops would you recommend?Sometimes, I like H&M home, Zara home & Homesense for cushions, throws, rugs, vases etc. I like mixing it in with my antiques.

Apart from Faded & Glamour, which additional three words would describe your interiors style?

Romantic, rock-n-roll &; floral.

If there was one accessory that you would recommend to add an element of ‘Faded Glamour’ to a room – what would it be. 

Vintage lace 

What inspired you to write your book ‘Faded Glamour’? 

I love producing interior books, as they are a fantastic portfolio. I was excited to write a book about faded glamour, as no-one has created one. 

Are there any other interior designers who’s work you admire? 

I love Abigail Ahern, Rachel Ashwell, Sera Loftus, Lorraine Kirk & Marianne Cotterill

You design clothes, interiors and homewares, and you are an author several times over.  What’s next for Pearl Lowe? 

There will be spring/summer dress collection launching in the spring. I will continue to run my shop in Frome & there might be another interior book. I’m also hoping to launch my new candles.

‘Faded Glamour ‘ by Pearl Lowe is available to buy HERE.  To see more or Pearl’s beautiful work, see her website HERE, and to see her glimpses of her Instagram famous kitchen – see HERE (believe me – it’s swoon worthy!)

Until Next Time,

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