Wednesday, 13 September 2017

What's Not To Love About...Autumn!

I must confess that in my household, i'm in a minority of one...

Whilst everyone else yearns for Spring and Summer...longing to bare their legs in shorts and run about the house and garden in bare feet...

...personally, I'm delighted to feel the slight chill of September reach the air - yes, I'm most definitely an Autumn girl!

Give me a crisp and fresh, bright Autumnal morning and I'm a happy camper.

I adore everything about Autumn...

The Autumn colours on the trees, the warming food, the start of log fire season and the excuse to buy smart new boots or to throw on a cashmere cardigan or scarf...

Coco & I discussing the merits of Autumn colours - we both love to wear brown! 
I find the clothes far more flattering, and as a real homebody, I love making my home a cosy and warm place to cuddle up when the nights start to draw in early...

I also love the excuse to start getting the lanterns out to create magical spaces around the garden, and don't get me started on Autumn decorating around the house...

Give it a week or so, and it will be pumpkin season, and then I really am in my element.  There'll be so many pumpkins and gourds scattered liberally around the house in the name of 'Decor' that one would believe we were running a pumpkin farm - oh joy of joys - I can't wait!

Do you love Autumn as much as I do?  What's your favourite part?

Until Next Time!



  1. Even though, if I had my "colors" done, I would be a summer, I, too, love autumn! I like the change of seasons, the crispness in the air, the cooler nights, the changing of the leaves. You and Coco look very lovely in your browns!

    1. Thank you so much Jeannine - I often wonder what I would be if I had my colours done! Do you like the colours that have been signed to you, and is it actually to do with your colouring, or your outlook on life? I find the whole topic quite fascinating! Best wishes,
      Paula x

  2. I'm so looking forward to wearing boots again. I'm done with sandals. The wood is stacked in the shed just waiting. I really don't want snow...we get only a dusting usually....and of course rain. Fall and winter clothes have substance; they feel like real clothes....not light and airy...

    1. I totally agree Ali! I absolutely rejoice when I can throw a cardigan or a jacket on - I feel so much more 'put together' and effortlessly smarter than when wearing a sleeveless top or vest! best wishes,
      Paula x

  3. I love autumn, but since I live in Florida, I have to be patient and wait until November to really begin to enjoy the change of season. Thanks to your blog, I am able to experience it through the beauty in your words and photos, so thanks.

    1. That's my absolute pleasure! I hope that the recent weather has been kind to you in your part of Florida? The temperamental weather is the only downside to this season. Best wishes, Paula x

  4. Hi Paula!! I am with you! My birthday is on the 28th of September so for me fall is everything. I LOVE the crisp air too! I park 4 blocks from the office so walking in the swelting heat is not my thing. This week is suppose to be crisp all week. I enjoy wearing my cashmere scarf and sweaters. The weather is still warm enough to wear open toe shoes and bare legs. I love it and always will!

  5. I love Autumn too....time for and warm sweaters!
    Love your dog....labs are the best....
    We have two yellows....


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