Monday, 27 February 2017

Bringing The Spring In!

Well, I for one have felt like January was the longest month on record, with February coming a close second - and despite what my husbands says - No - I have never said that before, and certainly not on an annual basis, at precisely this time of the year....

Obviously, it's simply the weather that causes this feeling of time dragging on, as in England we long for Spring days filled with sunshine, longer daylight and a garden that suddenly comes alive.  I actually look forward to the first days of January, where the promise of exciting new beginnings and the potential for a fabulous new year are at their height, so I know that it's not the months of January or February per se that are at fault...

In fact if both of those months were filled with a constant stream of crisp Winter sunlight, then they would be  an absolute dream...

...And so, in order to combat this (Okay - I admit it - yearly...) feeling of Winter ennui, I like to inject a bit of Springtime magic into the house a few weeks early, and plant up some vintage post with Spring bulbs and flowers...

I adore filling the house with cut flowers, but at this time of the year, they can prove to be expensive and/or hard to find on an ongoing bases, so I find that Spring bulbs fill the gap quite nicely until the country blooms of choice are back in abundance...

I am a quite the planter addict and the vintage variety are naturally my pot of choice.  Unusual vintage vessels are a particular love of mine and they sit beautifully alongside my more conventional original Constance Spry vases and various other antique planters...

Victorian Jelly molds are a delightful option in lieu of a conventional planter, as they tend to have the most beautifully sculpted shapes, ridges and designs that are often equally as pretty as the flowers inside...

...And so a day of planting ensued at the weekend...

...and as a result, I now have a house filled with happy flowers, soon to open buds, and a feeling of Spring promise... Have I ever told you how much I LOVE this time of the year?

...And if you'd like to see me actually buying the vintage jelly molds and the planting up in action, please take a look on my YouTube Channel Here!

Until Next Time!



  1. Wonderful post Paula! I'm in love with the gorgeous sideboard having sprinkles of pink colour about, and the books underneath. That's lovely. Are they your cookbooks? I like this time of year also, so open with promise.

    1. Oh thank you so much! Yes, that's just some of my cookery book stash - I'm embarrassed to say that I have many, many more hidden away in various draws and cupboards - and I don't think that i'm done buying yet - i'm quite addicted!! xxx

  2. I love the pops of sunshine - so cheerful. And look at your fabulous kitchen dresser!! Yes, please :) Happy almost March! xoxo

    1. Hello my darling Loi! Thank you so much for popping by - yes, we're in desperate need of pops of sunshine here - it's currently incredibly dreary and cold in England. Hope all is going well with your house move. xxx


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