28 Aug 2018

Defining My Teenage Daughters Interior Style in collaboration with DESENIO!

The Finished Bedroom Featuring Desenio Art Prints.

I can quite clearly remember the joy that came with realising fifteen years ago, that not only was I pregnant with twin girls, but that after the fun that I had experienced decorating my sons’ nursery 18 months earlier,  I would now be able to expand my creative juices and replicate the euphoria by diving straight into the domain of girls bedroom decor!

The Copper Desenio Frames Complimented the other Copper Accents.

The wonderful thing about decorating your children’s bedroom in the early years, is that you usually have a free reign to go as all out crazy as you like.  Have you always harboured a desire to have a totally pink room? Now you CAN!  Want to cover a room in baby blue stripes, fluffy clouds and hot air balloons – GO AHEAD!  For those first few blissful years you can do whatever you want with no objections, no opinions and certainly no alternative decor tastes to conflict with your own.  Its a truly blissful state of affairs – albeit often short lived….because one day they hit their teens…

Every Room Needs A Bit Of Sparkle!

In all honesty, I’ve actually been rather lucky when it comes to my teenagers and their decor choices.  They appreciate the fact that we live in an old, Georgian house, and so the chance of successfully achieving a truly minimalist, futuristic, modern environment are rather unlikely with wonky walls, classical architrave and original wooden floors.  As a result, they’ve more or less gone along with the general elegantly vintage and antique vibe that permeates the rest of the house…

Graphics & Botanicals Mixed Beautifully Together.

However, in these days of YouTube and Instagram, there has been an increasing trend for a certain look that has been a particular draw for one of my daughters.  The new ideal is for a personal space to look stylish, and cool and of course ‘Insta ready’ at all times.  It needs to be a multi functioning space for social media savvy millennials – gone are the days when a bedroom merely served as a functional space for homework, sleeping and the occasional sleepover, and teens were happy to put up the odd poster of their favourite band.   Now it needs to have the potential to be the backdrop of a ‘Creator Studio’, suitable for making YouTube videos, Snapchat memes, and of course as the defining shoot backdrop for Instagram selfies.

So how did I, as an original art loving, vintage and traditional interiors obsessed Mother, manage to reconcile my daughters need for a bedroom style that encompassed all of the above mentioned needs whilst not jarring with my own English country style?

Well, it started with her desire to have clean, beautiful art work and copper accents.  Those were her two prerequisites that we needed to work around, and the rest could flow from there.


She was particularly adamant that she didn’t want her art work to replicate my vintage vibe with their chunky original picture frames and 1930’s floral oils. She definitely wanted it to be her take on the things that interest her.  Coincidentally enough, her aesthetic interests are actually very close to mine – fashion, florals, elegant lines all play a big part in what she wanted.  Although, the word “MODERN” had to prefix all of these subheadings – lest I forget whose room it was…

This is where DESENIO – known for their affordable, stylish wall art, was an absolute dream.  Tasteful, elegant designs, with an overall muted colour palette, the huge range of posters have an ingenious way of all seeming to go together – whatever the subject combination.  This meant that I could sit back and let her choose to her hearts content whilst I could rest assured that there would be nothing garish and out of place for either of our tastes!

Just after We’d Put The Posters in Their Frames.

She was also able to choose sleek copper frames that complimented the rest of her bedroom furniture, with clean, graphic art work that clearly put her personal stamp on what was now her very own personal teenage domain…

Prada Marfa This Way!

Like mother, like daughter, she has a love of fashion and the iconic images and people that have populated that world.  With a particular interest in graphics and typography, her choice of two posters that combined fashion and graphics made a perfect combination.   The addition of the two softer, more botanical prints – ‘Pink Flower Dream No2‘ and ‘Monstera Three‘ –  add a layer of femininity without being too girly,  and are a nod to my own love of floral paintings, whilst the overall muted colours and copper accents place it firmly in the modern present…

Daisy looking thoroughly delighted with her new room!

As they used to say in The ‘A’ Team – “I love it when a plan comes together!”,  and judging by the fact that I have one smiley happy teenage daughter, and a teen bedroom that I would also happily spend time in, I think that it’s a plan that certainly has!

Until Next Time!

This post was written in collaboration with Deseniowho kindly gifted the posters to me and have also offered me a discount code to share with my readers.

The Code “hillhousevintage” gives you 25% off posters on the DESENIO website between today  – 28th & 30th August 2018 Only.  *Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration posters’

Posters used in the room are; 1) Prada 2) Pink Flower Dream No2, 3) Coco and 4) Monstera Three.

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