Monday, 4 July 2016

English Country Decorating With...Pink!

Have you ever had one of those moments when something glaringly obvious about oneself isn't obvious in the slightest until someone else randomly points it out? 

My complete and utter joyous love and rapture over the colour pink is one of those for me.  

Until fairly recently, when a few Instagrammer friends alluded to my obvious fetish for a rosy hue, I was not aware that I particularly liked or was drawn to the colour at all...  

In fact, if someone had mentioned decorating my home with accents of pink, I would probably have paused for a moment, with a diplomatic but non-commital nod of my head, followed by an ambiguous "Mmmmmm" before politely suggesting alternative colours that were more...well..."Me"...

However, perhaps it's a sympton of seasonal changes and the advent of the Summer (Ha - what Summer you may ask if you're in the UK!!) that some uncontrolled desire from deep within me has cultivated a need for the freshness and lightness of pink accents throughout the house.

Perhaps the pink David Austin roses in the courtyard garden sent some subliminal message to me...

...In truth, most of these pink accents are through the use of flowers - after all, who can resist the allure of blowsy, pink Peonies, and I am also quite partial to the psychadelic pop of a bunch of pink Gerba's.

However, as a self confessed cushion addict, pottery addict and textile addict (CPT Annonymous...) it's become apparent, that my love of pink extends beyond simply flora and forna and encompasses a need for pink to make an appearance in the form of stripes, checks, florals and even spots.

I love the fact that Pink looks wonderful against wood and natural coloured textures and textiles...

...As well as complimenting my many painted pieces by adding a contrasting pop of colour...

As the legendary doyenne of fashion Diana Vreeland once said; "I adore Pink! It's the navy blue of India!" and I totally understand that sentiment.  I don't consider myself to be particualry modern, daring or flashy in how I dress or how I decorate my home.  In fact I am very much a traditionalist and find beauty in the elegant and classic.  In England, navy blue is the epitome of conservative respectability - and yet it hardly appears in my household - it's not light or fresh enough for me. 

However, pink exemplifies tradition and respectability in India, and thus doesn't suffer from the fluffy, unmasculine, Barbie-esqe connotations that it so often can in the West.  Perhaps then,  I veer towards a more South Asian view of traditionalism?   I shall certainly make this claim to my husband when he discovers that I am currently obsessed by the perfect vision of this deliciously vibrant pink George Sherlock sofa which would look perfect in our family room... 

In  fact it would be the perfect spot for him to watch something unwaveringly 'butch' like Formula 1 - If you don't believe me - just ask Diana Vreeland! 

Until Next Time...

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  1. So pretty Paula, I love your use of colour and you can't beat a rose pink. That sofa is just divine xx

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