17 Feb 2016

Nudging Myself Out Of My Comfort Zone…!

I don’t really tend to believe in making firm New Years resolutions any more.  I can remember writing lists and lists of them when I was a teenager and in my early twenties, and they all more or less amounted to the same thing…that this DEFINITELY was the year that I became the best of everything that I could be.  That this DEFINITELY was the year that I became truly fabulous, truly successful doing this, that and the other….That this DEFINITELY would be the year that I achieved my hearts desire, dream job, best grades etc.

I think that hoping to end each year on a level of excellence that I never quite achieved (or at least the goal posts kept moving further and further away..!) made me realise that there was no point in beating myself up each year about having to achieve or commiting to the near impossible.  Life and our desires are fluid and ever changing.  We need to bend with the ebb and flow of our ambitions and perhaps try a few new things, do the best we can and hopefully end each year on a happy note.  Who knows how we will feel in 365 days, let alone, who we may have met, or what experiences we will have been through that may change the goals we gave ourselves a year ago…

That being said, this year, I decided that there was one thing that I would like to ‘loosely’ achieve.  I want to nudge myself out of my comfort zone a little…  to perhaps make a few baby steps towards another – possibly short-lived – string to my shabbily put together bow!

I’m not going to hold myself ransom to it, but I will put it out there in order to see where it leads.

This year readers, I’m aiming to start my own YouTube channel!  My children have been bugging me to do it for over a year, but I’ve always felt that it was a ‘young persons’ game.  I’ve worried that I haven’t got much to film or say – you see – I simply like old things, pretty things…and lots of red check…and well – that’s about it…

But then I thought about it.  Some of you may already know that I absolutely love taking pictures, styling and documenting my home and country life on instagram.  Perhaps you would like to see the pretty things that I like ‘in motion’ too – and even if you don’t – it might be a little bit of fun to try my hand at filming stuff – I may appreciate looking back over it if I reach to be 100 if nothing else!

So here it is.  My fledgling  YouTubechannel trailer.  I haven’t even got any content for it yet, (so subscribe if you wish to be alerted when stuff appears.)  Just a mountain of ideas, thoughts and dreams and a hopeful attitude.  Who knows whether it’ll be something that I enjoy doing or can even commit to long time, but hey – THIS is the year that I say – perhaps not definitely…but Let’s just wait and see!

Until next time,

The Diaries

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