Friday, 19 October 2012

A Shop, Two Lamps & A Giveaway...

One of the simultaneously most wonderful and yet most frustrating things about reading beautiful blogs from around the world, is getting to discover and read about the most marvellous shops in far flung places.
Wonderful, because new discoveries are always a pleasure - especially when they come in the form of vases, lamps and homewares, but the downside of this, of course, is that when a place is far flung, it usually means that it is far too distant for me to eagerly exercise my rights as a jolly consumer and clear it's shelves in one swipe of a credit card...Much to my husbands delight I expect - which is perhaps why he so enjoys seeing me caught up in International blogland - "Dream on..." he smirks smugly from behind his vintage car magazines!"
Perhaps one day I'll be quick enough to stare pointedly at said magazine, and retort "Likewise Darling..."
Imagine my delight, therefore, to be able to highlight a wonderful shop that is just a few mile from my front door. Now a Norfolk mile ladies and gentlemen, is at least five times the distance of a regular mile, but, as I discovered when I moved from London three years ago, when one lives in the countryside, anything within an hour's driving distance is considered close, and somewhat misleadingly (to the uninitiated) "Just up the road!"
Well, the delightful homewares emporium CATESBY's (images above) is not only "Just up the road" from my house (okay - 45minutes away) but it also sells on-line, and it is from here, that I came across my beautiful, new lamps. Now, they are not strictly balustrade - see below - rather more 'urn' shaped, but they fulfill the same theatrical romanticism that I was aiming for, and I LOVE them!(More 'souped up in situ' images to follow at a later date - busy, busy, busy!)
What's more, the lovely owners of Catesby's - Neil and Jonathon - have very generously agreed to take part in a lovely giveaway, to celebrate The Hill House Diaries, having reached almost 300 followers. They are offering no less than FIVE lucky readers, the chance to each win a pack of their lovely Letterpress Correspondence Cards (six in a pack, with envelopes) featuring either a vintage typewriter or an old candlestick-type phone!
Charming aren't they?
So perfect for writing those little thank you notes or just a quick "hello" in that old fashioned, oft forgotten way - i'e. WITH A PEN!!! (the caps are for my children's benefit by the way...)
Now, the rules are very simple. You just have to be a follower of this blog, and to pop over to the Catesby's website and then leave me a message telling me your favourite thing in their shop. If you'd also like to receive their newsletter, please leave me your e-mail address.
The winners will be announced on Monday 29th October, only one entry per follower.
In addition to this, the Oh SO generous Catesby's boys,are offering all UK 'Hill House Diary' readers, free delivery on all orders until 2nd November 2012 (limited to one order per reader, UK delivery only). All you need to do is enter the following code at check out - FREEHILL - remember, UK readers only for this one, but my international readers are free to enter the giveaway as that is open worldwide!
In the mean time, let me leave you with some more wonderful images from Catesby's, plus a few from their beautiful Georgian home, which is equally as scrummy, and if you're ever in Norfolk, or just close by (i.e. in Norfolk terms - in England), do try to pop in to see them - not only are they wonderfully welcoming, but they also have a glorious tea shop in their courtyard which is worth a visit alone! WWW.CATESBYS.CO.UK
Enjoy and Good Luck!
images courtesy of; and The Hill House Diaries.


  1. Paula I love your blog
    saludos from Chile

  2. Oh Paula, the minute I saw that sweet window, I knew that when you gave us a peek into what lurks within, it would be a delight. I am sighing in joy as I see the lovely items and the peaceful and refined atmosphere! ENJOY! Anita

  3. ooh!
    my husband is going to not like you very much!!! We are in Suffolk, so I can see a little jaunt to Norfolk to visit this establishment, and if I don't get the chance to do so in the near future, ooh, they sell online! So I win all round! Looks like my kind of place to shop, thank you for the link.

    have a gorgeous weekend. Rainy here right now, I'm going to get soaked walking to school but at least I can use my pink ruffly brolly!

  4. Hello :-) ahh my favourite kind of shop! Anywhere that has pictures of balls of string is good with me! I daren't browse too much or there will be consequences of the credit card variety! I know what you mean about blogs opening your eyes to shops far and wide. A lovely side effect of this pursuit. Lou x

  5. I love this shop, inside and out! great giveaway, count me in please :)

    Bee happy x

    PS have you entered my giveaway?

  6. Have I got this right I need to tell you what I like in the Catesby's shop. I love the lot, up to and including the house itself (Truly fabulous) Oh and the tea garden too. Norfolk is a bit of a stretch for us, it is a few years since we were last there, but goodness me Catesby's is huge temptation.

  7. They have so many great things, but the grey 'stone' candles are what I want right now - love candles, really love the color. I hope one day to visit the shop in person!

  8. Oh my - Catesby's is deffo on my radar to visit next time I'm up that way! Hard to choose from all the lovelies but I would have to go for the industrial chairs. They would go great in my kitchen diner.

  9. Oooh! my fav kind of store. I could happily spend a rainy afternoon poking around that kind of shop. You are lucky to have it so "close" to you. Hope your plans are going well xx

  10. Hi Paula
    Definitely somewhere to visit, I don't think it's too far from Cambridge...must check Google maps and plan an outing v. soon!
    Love your new lamps, I'm sure they'll look fabulous in situ!
    ...and BIG congrats of your new venture, it all sounds so exciting and up my street! will be GREAT! Looking forward to visiting when you're up and running!
    Have a lovely weekend
    Fiona x

  11. Forgot to say I LOVE the pewter grey hand knit throw. Perfect to cuddle up on the sofa with ;-)

  12. Over the years, we've discovered "up the road" is not really up the road, but pass many roundabouts and little villages :) Catesby's is definitely worth a drive up the road. Their website is beautiful. (Can't wait to visit the shop in person one day.) So much to love....let's see....all the striped cushions are yummy. And the Carson tray table is divine. Fabulous white-washed finish.

  13. Hi, thanks for your lovely comments on my first Tilda doll and yes I did get the kit online, it was in the sale at, not sure if they have any left now though. Panduro Hobby do them and so do Create and Craft TV.

    You have a lovely blog which is right up my street! I have already been over to the Catesby website and ordered one of their match holders in grey which will look lovely on my fireplace next to my candles. Will be telling my sister about this offer and site too, delish things on there.

    best wishes, Lolo xx

  14. Paula
    What a great giveaway! You are so lucky to have such a great shop "up the road"

  15. Hi Paula,

    What a lovely shop to have on your doorstep and a great giveaway!

    Your mr sounds a lot like my mr :-)!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Madelief x

  16. Hello Paula

    I would love this shop and to have tea as well is wonderful. How generous of them to off a giveaway through your blog.


  17. Hi - darn it, I'm number 299 (had hoped to make it 300 for you)! Thanks so much for visiting me. XX

  18. Do you know, I consider Norfolk to be "just up the road" from the Lane here in East Sussex! Looks like a rather splendid emporium...Paradise? Tee Hee,

    Sarah -x-

  19. Hi Paula,
    Hertfordshire - Norfolk, definitely just up the road.
    This sort of shop is right up my street, and strangely lacking round here. So always up for a road trip.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  20. I'm really impressed with their website - what a beautiful design!

    Thank you so much for the chance to be entered - My favourite item there (apart from your gorgeous lamps, of course!) was their fob watch convex mirror.


  21. Hey Paula, Yes, we're the same here - just up the road is under an hour - so funny!! I lOVE this store- just my kind of place! wouldn't it be lovely to meet there for coffee one day! The giveaway is fab too!!


  22. Just went over to Catesby's! Beautiful site! My favourite item is the Chauffeuse Armchair. Divine!


  23. Oh I just love this post.....that shop with the grays and whites!!

    Sweet Paula, thank you for your visit. Yes, isn't it wonderful that across the seas and land masses that we can share our worlds with each other? Blogging has been the best thing for me and my creative outlets. I hope you are enjoying the HUNTING and GATHERING season. Have you picked up any new antiques lately? ENJOY ! Anita

  24. This shop looks gorgeous - and the kind which I always consider "dangerous in which to linger" because I mostly end up buying things which are too beautiful to leave behind. How delightful for you to discover it truly is "just up the road".

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  27. Love the interview! You are definitely the blogger I associate with art the most. That sentence might not make sense, but your rugs, the actual art, the way you design your spaces, all of that feels like art. Can’t wait to see how it comes through in your shop. Happy thanksgiving! perfect decoration

  28. Hi Paula,
    Will you see this?
    Thanks for your lovely comments as always !
    I notice there might be a new blog in the pipeline? Hurry up!!
    Instagram ? - should I be? Blimey, I can just about get a blog post out!!
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x

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