Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn Nights...

I must admit, that Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I adore the colours on the leaves, the last of the golden hay bales still in the fields,the faint outline of spiders webs in the bushes twinkling with morning dew and I particularly adore the crisp fresh mornings that develop into bright days filled with glorious Autumnal sunshine.

I delight in watching my children marvelling at the jewell coloured leaves, and who in turn, delight in watching the conkers grow larger and shinier! I love to see the squirrels bustling along in the garden with their Winter hoards, busily searching for the best places to bury their nuts (much to the annoyance of Byron, my Jack Russell).

However, best of all, I love the slight chill that is beginning to spread slowly into these early September evenings. Why - you may ask? Well, because, to me, one of the greatest pleasures in life is sitting down in front of a roaring log fire in a comfortable drawing room. I love the smell, the warmth, the cosiness, and ultimately, the feeling of battening up the hatches and preparing for the season of "Cubbying on down!" as one of my best friends, Emily, perfectly describes it. Don't get me wrong - I do love the Summer, and I really don't mean to wish it away, but there's something about images like the ones below - not too dark and not too Wintery as yet, that just make me want to hug the nearest person and snuggle up - postman beware...!

Have a great day!

Images courtesy of the following; 1,3&4) 2) Waldreddon Estate 5) Veranda Magazine 6) 7)Benjamin Dhon Interior Design.



  1. I am so completely with you on this one. I think Autumn is my favourite season. It always delivers - perfect, crisp mornings, some lovely afternoon sunshine and then cosy evenings....just my cup of tea!!

    Did I hear you're thinking of going to the bloggers meet-up in London, organised by Laura from Happy Homemaker UK? I'm going!! I just decided last night.

    It would be so exciting to meet you, if you are coming!


  2. Hi Paula,
    Totally agree about Autumn.
    I love the Summer and being out in the garden, but come the end of August/beginning of September, I'm ready to get my sweaters out and cosy up the house.
    I always love the smells of Autumn too.
    Great post.
    Have a lovely day,
    ps. ditto what Sarah has said above. I'm lurking at the moment, but would really like to get there.

  3. I feel the same way, except the fire. I don't care for the fire but the "cozy" and colors are great. We don't get home delivery of mail so the postman is safe here.

  4. Lovely post Paula. thanks for the inspiration..
    Love autumn too.

    xoxo Rozmeen

  5. Paula you just described, and beautifully too, exactly why I love fall too. I can't wait to have our first roaring fire in the fireplace.


  6. What a delight Paula. I enjoy watching the squirrels in my garden bury the nuts. I watched one the other day GORGE himself silly. He later laid stretched out on the pavers, looking as if he KNEW he had eaten TOO MUCH.....his mouth was stained brown with the oils of the acorns, and he just laid was rather comical!!!

    Enjoy this fabulous time of year! I think tonight I shall ignite my fireplace and just stare into the twinkling glow...

  7. Ooh, love the purple velvet chair Paula ... looks very inviting and snuggly!

    Claire xxx

  8. The images do look lovely indeed Paula! We do have a mantelpiece like the ones one your photographs, but unfortunately no fire. Perhaps one day :-). I don't think it will be long before you can use yours again. It's getting chillier and chillier in Holland too.

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  9. I do adore fireplaces Paula, but lets face it in the tropics they're quite pointless. I also read about your twin gals @Design Addict Mom, lets face it those girls are probably sophisticated just like their Mummy.

    Cheers Lisa x

  10. It's the more mellow sun and that first little nip in the air that I love.

  11. Hi Paula, Having a fire is my favorite part of the approaching season. You would not believe the quantity of wood we go through. I have to remind myself of the pleasure it brings when I see a cord of it delivered into the driveway and I am asked to help stack it!

  12. Hello Paula

    I love the coziness you describe and sitting by an open fire is one of life's luxuries.
    We are presently on holiday in Ireland and tonight has a breeze coming in from the ocean but we do not need a fire just yet.
    I love the Autumn colours in the British Isles, they are soften and more harmonious to the vivid oranges and yellows of North America

    A beautiful post

    Helen xx

  13. Well Paula - I guess you are right! Although - it is the first time in my life I wish that summer would last a bit longer. Here it started only end of July and stopped end of August. In between I was in Ireland and it was cold and wet... so I really did not get enough of that lovely weather. However, I will make the most of the upcoming days (cold mornings, warm afternoons) and enjoy. Lovely post - as usual! Happy autumn! Christa

  14. What beautiful blog, Paula! Your house, style, posts and spirit are a delight to follow!
    Enjoy the coming days of autumn!
    Greetings from our Green House to the Hill House!

  15. totally agree. I'm an autumn girl (and winter too, love cold weather). Love that smell in the morning too, sort of crisp bonfirey scent. Casseroles in the oven, baking cakes, candles in the evening, cosy as rain thrashes down. What's not to love?!

  16. Newest follower!

  17. I might be popping by as Mr. Postman!! Get that fire ready :) And maybe some giant Yorkshire pudding with sausage and mash. My favorite comfort food for chilly British nights.

  18. I badly need a prescription of room number three, a bottle of red wine together with the footstool and the nice warm cosy throw - I would be in utter heaven. You know how to turn a girls head Paula.

  19. This is my first Autumn in the UK for 12 years and I'm just loving it. Living in Spain there were only ever 2 seasons-Winter and Summer :-(
    These images are helping me get ready for the huge "hibernation" .
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  20. lovely photos, some great inspiration here! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  21. Dearest Paula,

    YOU AND ME BOTH are struggling with what to do with our creative visions. I am giving Etsy a try, but I am not sure if that is working for me. But there is a TUG at our spirits to soar, isn't there? So I see by your comment that I am not the only one a bit unclear about what to is GOOD to know however, that when we start to ask these questions of ourselves, it usually is a good indicator that there is something waiting at the threshold of our minds and hearts that needs to be expressed. BEST OF SUCCESS and thank you for visiting! Anita

  22. Hello Paula,

    I love all of these images. I am not a fan of summer, in my "neck of the woods" it is too hot for too long. Fall is my dream weather and frankly the time of the year where I feel most happy, I am "hunkered" down at home, baking reading and doing lots of family things. All of these images make me think of those happy times.

    I hope you have a fabulous day! Elizabeth

  23. Hi Paula
    Yes I can relate to this too - you cant beat that cosy feeling of well-being, sitting in front of a real fire - I havent yet lit the woodburner this year but it wont be long now - this morning was very crisp and bright!
    Thanks for sharing your autumn thoughts and wonderful images!
    Gill xx

  24. Hi Paula, thank you so much for your nice comment !

    You describe Autumn beautifully, I to LOVE Autumn. The crisp air, windy days, the smell of woodburning stove, wooly socks and waiting of course for christmas :) Your images evokes everything that says warmth and cosiness, just wonderful.

    ~ Aina ~

  25. Oh Paula this is a lovely post. I am longing for the temperatures to lower so we can start dressing up. Love the colour of the chair in photo 4, I'm going through another forest berry phase again this Autumn!

  26. ps ooh, are you coming to the Bloggers' tea? - please do, would be lovely to meet you. x

  27. Bonjour Paula,
    What a beautiful post; fall is also my absolute favorite time of the year; yet it stirs within me such beautiful melancholy; there is something haunting and poetic about it; the way the senses awaken something in you that is reminisent of youth....
    have a beautiful week,
    Jenah xo

  28. Hi Miss Paula, What cozy photos you've posted! We'll have our first fire in the fireplace today - such a chilly rainy day.

    I hope you are able to make our Blogger's Tea in a few weeks :) XOLaura

  29. A belated comment, I missed this post. I couldn't agree more about autumn and the first fires :D

  30. Beautiful images Paula! LOVE that first one! and I love the first chilly evenings as well! snuggling in front of the fire being one of my favourite pastimes :)

    ps sorry I'm soooo late to your post - been up my eyeballs lately - haven't posted in ages!!! Sharon xxxx

  31. Beautiful inspiring photo's.
    The Autumn is also one of my favorite seasons.
    Thank you for your sweet comment Paula.
    Have a nice day.
    Warm wishes, Mea

  32. I loved this wonderful inspiring collection of pictures. The image of a beautiful chair beside a cosy fire is one of my all time favourites. I love the fire being a focal point in a room in autumn and winter, it feels so homely and perfect.
    Have a cosy week!
    Helen x

  33. Hi my sweet friend!!
    I am just getting a chance to visit. I adore this post. I am really a Summer loving girl, but the past Summer has been so hot that I started thinking autumn could not get here fast enough for me. I adore the changes that come with this season too and the uncontrollable urge to cuddle:-). Have a lovely week. XX

  34. Good evening beautiful Paula!

    My dear, your kind comment today has confirmed yet another passion I have. I just emerged from my basement studio where I attempt to draw. However, illustration is not my favorite part of art. I imagine busting beyond the page, and my favorite thing to do is give dimension to my thoughts through writing accompanied by moving images and music. THANK YOU for recognizing something in what you saw today. The most stunning thing to me is to see all of the art forms that I studied as a younger woman starting to MERGE TOGETHER. Dance, theatre, sculpting mind spins but I have to harness my ideas, one day at a time...thank you for your encouragement!

    Enjoy a beautiful fall day; here, it is GORGEOUS!! Anita

  35. Yes, you are absolutely right!!!!!! You described so well what I feel when September comes!
    Hugs from

  36. what a gorgeous home you have!!!!! I was looking at all you sidebar photos!

  37. Such cozy rooms. I think I'll make a fire!


  38. Nice interior...
    very beautiful house.....
    19th green


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