Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What I've Been Up To...

Apart from being glued to the Olympics...I've been transforming these...

Via this...

And this...

To this...

And then this...

With the addition of this little fellow...

And that got me thinking about this...

Which used to be a large mirror before it fell apart...

And is now this...

Oh happy days - Olympics, craft projects, Summer parties and August sunshine - who could ask for more!



  1. Gorgeous renovations sweetie and such a beautiful colour too! hope you are having a happy week :)

    Bee happy x

  2. Gorgeous upcycling Paula! I just love Antoinette, might have to get my paintpots and brushes out, you've motivated me! xxx

  3. Ohhhhhh....what wonderful project! I do love anything pink.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love your pinboard surrounded by bunting. Beautiful in every way! Em ♥

  5. They look great. I love that gorgeous pink shade. M x

  6. Your choice of that softly sophisticated shade of pink really has resulted in wonderful transformations. Color does not need to be saturated or intense to have an impact.

    I have heard of this Chalk Paint before, and can definitely see its appeal.

    Please do keep us posted on your next projects.

    Happy August!

  7. Fantastic! I have 10 of those chairs looking for a project...not sure I am up to it yet. LOVE the chalk paint! thanks, Brenda.

  8. Great colour, really delicate.
    August is definitely shaping up well so far!

  9. N-I-C-E, Paula!! Fabulous! I love the bulletin board.....wonderful ticking(?) fabric. I wish the photos were larger. Gotta get me some of that Annie Sloan paint. BTW, are you on Pinterest? You should check it out.

    1. Hi Loi, No i'm not on Pinterest, and I know that I should be! However, I have just this minute joined Facebook as The Hill House Diaires! No idea why - I'm rubbish with technology, but for some reason it's all creeping up on me. I joined Twitter on the spur of the moment recently too - next I'll be ordering a spacesuit!!?

  10. Hi Paula

    You have been very busy and I love your results.
    I miss the Olympics. It was a very special 2 weeks of joy.

    Have a glorious week

    Helen xx

  11. Love that board ! I've just been glued to the Olympics ....

  12. All gorgeous. Chalk paint is the best. Have you ever tried making your own? xx

  13. Hi Paula,

    You have been busy!!! Love the colour you chose for your chairs and the little cupboard and mirror look pretty as well.

    When I was in Stow I nearly bought Annie Sloan paint in a light blue shade. I still regret not taking it with me, but the car was too full already with my vintage finds. Now I have to order it through the internet :-)

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  14. What a clever girl you are. I love the Annie Sloan pale pink paint an inspired choice, especially with that white cupboard and stripy hat boxes. I have been painting walls all week, soon to be getting around to furniture, you have the best ideas.

  15. Fabulous! I love the pink chairs and what a lovely memory board. Nicely done!

    All best,

  16. Hi Paula,
    How did you have time (or energy) after all of that swimming, diving, running and jumping in the Olympics.
    I know I'm exhausted!
    The chairs look fab, and have been given a new lease of life. Love the pale pink.
    Have a lovely week,

  17. Those chairs a beautiful - such a pretty colour choice!

  18. I have a stack of old picture frames, waiting...and waiting...to be covered with lovely paint. You have totally inspired me today. Thank you! I love your pinboard. SO pink and pretty!!


  19. Paula dear.....we too were glued to the Olympic games and are so proud of all the nations that won and lost with true sportsmanship! LONDON WAS A GREAT HOST!!!!!!!

    I love what you did here. I have a huge armoire that I want to transform using the chalk paint in the PARIS GRAY tone.....lovely my dear! Anita

  20. Lovely soft pink Paula, goes beautifully with the cupboard and accessories, great job! x

  21. Dear Paula,
    amazing renovation...I love this chairs, great idea!! have a nice day Vlaďka

  22. I'm sending a van of chairs over for your artistic attention right away.
    By the way what kind of steroids do you feed your hydrangeas!
    Bon weekend.

  23. Yes you have been busy and what a result!! I LOVE your chairs! Antoinette is such a pretty delicate colour and your noticeboard is gorgeous - thought it was shop bought when I first saw the picture!!!! Also love your cupboard/larder press??? in the photo! You have such a great eye Paula.


  24. Just loving that AS pale pink, lovely job there Paula!!! That colour is next on my list of AS paints to buy... as we speak I am waiting for a table painted in Original to dry before applying a top coat of either Versailles or Paris Grey....
    Great transformation of the mirror frame to notice board - gorgeous!What a busy bee you've been!
    Gill xx


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