Thursday, 30 August 2012

Did Mr Sutton Notice The Dresser...?

So, August Summer party a success? - check!

Last minute holiday shoe-horned in? - check!

Magazine shoot at Hill House over and done with? - check! (details to come soon!)

Lastly...A question that you may well have been asking (please humour me...)- Did Mr Sutton notice like the dresser???


Here are a couple of photos to show you how it looks now - and please - STILL ignore the computer - yuck! As soon as our basement is converted into an office, that little beauty will be banished to 'under stairs'! So here it is, and a few more images of our family room for good measure. Hope that you enjoy!

By the way, we're not a family of Serena's, Sophie's and Sylvia's - I had thought about getting an initial for each family member, but the uptight 'Virgo' in me felt that it looked tidier to use our surname initial for each mug...and yes - I realise that this is taking my CDD (Compulsive Decorating Disorder) to new levels!!!

Here's a little addition that I purchased from a flea market in Lewes...(Notice my copy of Brooke Giannetti's book'Patina Style' - I LOVE that book almost as much as I LOVE her blog Velvet & Linen!)

Sadly, as much as I love it in natural linen, with three young children and a dog, I think that I will probably have to cover it with something a bit more paw, crumb and juice friendly...

Let's see how it fit's in with the rest of the room...

...And here's another corner of what we call our family room. This is where I sit and have a cup of coffee and read a magazine when the kids are playing on the Wii (I suppose that I should say, "while they're reading Enid Blyton", but hey - we're at the END of the Summer holidays, and any energy I had for strict educational discipline at the beginning of the Summer holidays has completely left me - roll on term time is all that I can say!

By the way, the red gingham cushions that you can see stuffed under the coffee table are there because our Jack Russell (Byron) likes to squeeze under there for a snooze near my feet while I'm sitting and plotting my next thrifty purchase reading.

Well, as Bugs Bunny would say - 'That's all Folks!" (For now anyway!)

I hope that everyone else is doing well? I'm planning to dedicate a few days to blog visits, as I feel that I've been out of the loop with your lovely posts for the past few weeks while the children have been at home. Normal service - as they say - will resume at the end of next week. Lots to show and tell - can't wait!

Thank you SO much for visiting. Enjoy!



  1. PAULA! I LOVE IT ALL! And did the MISTA NOTICE IT? WHAT DID HE SAY? They have a way of finding out..teehee...

    Really, your home is stunning and I too have a copy of Brooke's Patina book on my vintage coffee table!

    ENJOY IT ALL MY DEAR and I look forward to seeing the MAGAZINE issue! Anita

  2. What a great eBay win Paula, the dresser's wonderful - and what an exciting background to it all! Every time you see it you will feel chuffed to own a piece that starred in Downton Abbey!
    And isnt that the joy of second hand furniture, the thrill of the chase and the deal,and the history behind aquiring the piece?
    Love the legs on the footstool - elegant.
    Looking forward to hearing more details of the magazine shoot!
    Gill xx

  3. Hi Paula,
    I bet Mr S. loves the dresser. You knew he would!
    Very excited to hear all about the magazine shoot.
    Re the single initial mugs, I'm an Aries and all over the place and I LOVE them!!
    Have a lovely week - hope all goes well with big school move.

  4. Oh Paula your dresser is supurb and fits the space beautifully. Glad it got the thumbs up LOL!

    Look forward to hearing about the magazine shoot - sounds intriguing! xxx

  5. It is beautiful and I love the mugs (funny...I have a Serena and a Sophie.) And your most recent purchase is lovely. I would just make (or in my case, have someone make) a fitted slip-cover with ties on the coners to protect the upholstery for the time being. I had several made to cover the seats of my dining room chairs for family dinners.

  6. Oh Paula, it's all so very lovely! Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays ... term time is beckoning and sanity can return ...

    Claire xxx

  7. Hello Paula

    Your Downton Abby piece looks like it has sat here for years. The joys of an antique piece.
    How kind and considerate of you to put cushions for Bryon beneath the foot-stool. This is a beautiful corner and quite spacious. There might be enough room on the chair for Bryon to snuggle if he so chooses!

    I played wii for the first time at a cottage last week. It is fun.


  8. It is perfect! What a beautiful piece. The like the mugs, a great conversation piece. (I love e bay too.)

  9. So wonderful to have you back! You've styled your Downton Abbey dresser brilliantly!! Love the "S" mugs and all the white ware. Magazine shoot? Do tell! Can't wait for the scoop :)
    Ciao ciao,

  10. Lovely lovely lovely ! How could Mr Sutton not like it ? He must be proud of his own private decorator !xx

  11. Oooh, doesn't it look gorgeous there? I love it. And your house is so beautiful! What colour are the walls painted? I hope you don't mind me asking...I have a paint colour obsessive!!

    And magazine shoot...can't wait to hear more!


  12. Magazine shoot!! we need an update now, how exciting. A beautiful dresser and I think the mugs are very chic with your surname initial.

  13. I am in absolute love with your dresser. The magazine shoot sounds exciting - can't wait to find out more!

  14. What a vivid post! You are so humorous! I always envy the Americans... they have family rooms - we can only dream about it! Not enough space or then just for a heap of money! The dresser is lovely and no wonder Mr Sutton likes it (or loves it) too. Looking forward to your normal service! ;o) Christa

  15. Oh my gosh... i love your dresser! I just adore your blog! Fabulous post!

  16. teeeheee...Oh Paula, our men go through life lessons with us, DON'T THEY???? Mine too, he has now become quite the lover of antiques, FRENCH antiques to be exact, and excepts NO SUBSTITUTES!

    That dresser of yours is truly exquisite. HAVE FUN and i thank you kindly for your visit!! Anita

  17. eh . . . excuse me . . . magazine shoot!!! Details please and lots of them!!! You and your beautiful home are going to be in a magazine!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I cannot WAIT to hear more details! it is SO exciting. Can't believe I have to wait to find out more - talk about a cliffhanger! Hope you had a great holiday Paula and thank you so much for all your lovely comments! Hope you post very soon, will be eagerly awaiting all the news!!!! BTW did Hubby like the dresser??? We are so alike, I do things like that all the time!! Lots of love, Sharon xxxx

  18. Dear Paula
    Thank you for your comment ! I saw yesterday to your post and I was impressed with this wonderful dresser !
    Have a nice weekend

  19. The dresser looks fab, and I think that family initials are just a brilliant idea. Looking forward to hearing about the magazine shoot.

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  21. Love the rustic feel of the english step back hutch holding all your pottery of white, and didn't notice the computer at all :)

    Excited to see what they photographed in your shoot and what magazine is it?

    Paula, all you have to do is invite me to move in and I will pack my bags and I am there girl. I love the exterior of your home, all the gravel I am crushing on it, have fallen in love with the elevation of your home, such a manor to love and I too am loving it.

    I have the Patina Style book on my night stand falling asleep to it often. I love brooks style and tone, it feels much like my home, then from time to time I will throw in a bit of color and create a soft vignette sharing it with you all.

    Well Paula I am off to my shop getting things stocked for the up-coming holidays.

    Lots of love and inspiration to you.

    Thank you for the holiday wish and I bid you one to my English friend.
    Thank you for gracing my place and leaving me a comment that joys my heart.


  22. O paula,
    I was trying to leave a message, and the scrambled words would not let me leave a message, you should go into your settings and disable it, this way more will leave a comment, that robodic word process is a nightmare trying to leave a message.
    Glad it finally entered LOL!
    See you soon

    1. Hi Dore, Do you know that I had no idea I had that awful word verification on my comments section! I can't stand those things - thanks for the tip - I think that I've managed to turn it off now!
      Paula x

  23. The dresser, indeed the whole room looks wonderful, but come on - you can't just drop in the words magazine shoot and leave us dangling! I'm dying to know more....

  24. Dressed your dresser is even more handsome than it was in the buff! Love it!

  25. Perfectly perfect in every way! I am adoring the blushy pink small covered dish as well!

  26. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog.
    I've put the Muffin recipe up here;

  27. Hi Paula...your dresser looks wonderful and styled so beautifully. Glad the husband loved it as well. If you ever want to sell your stunning new/old bench I know where it could come to visit....;)


  28. Oh how I love this post...because many of us WOMEN just love to bring in something to the house and say, "OH, THAT? IT'S BEEN THERE FOR YEARS!" But with such a fabulous and large piece, you had to really figure that one out...good to know he approves! And dearest, thank you for coming to visit. Your kind words are much appreciated! Anita

  29. Thank you so much for stopping by to visit. From what I have seen so far, your home is lovely. I love the dresser, and those pink chairs, adorable. I will be back to see more.

  30. looks lovely!

    ooh, magazine shoot?! Looking forward to hearing more about that soon too.

    School starts tomorrow for my girl. Have to say I am feeling really sad about it, I love having her home all day!

    Never mind, lots to get on with while she's out.

  31. Hi Paula!
    Wow the dresser looks amazing! And good luck with the magazine shoot, sounds exciting!!

  32. Hi Paula! What a gorgeous dresser and I whole heartily understand the decorating OCD as far as the initials are concerned (I am just the same)!!! Love seeing around your divine home! Sending hugs from Lincolnshire - Glenda xxx


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