30 Aug 2012

Did Mr Sutton Notice The Dresser…?

So, August Summer party a success? – check!

Last minute holiday shoe-horned in? – check!

Magazine shoot at Hill House over and done with? – check! (details to come soon!)

Lastly…A question that you may well have been asking (please humour me…)- Did Mr Sutton notice like the dresser???


Here are a couple of photos to show you how it looks now – and please – STILL ignore the computer – yuck! As soon as our basement is converted into an office, that little beauty will be banished to ‘under stairs’! So here it is, and a few more images of our family room for good measure. Hope that you enjoy!

By the way, we’re not a family of Serena’s, Sophie’s and Sylvia’s – I had thought about getting an initial for each family member, but the uptight ‘Virgo’ in me felt that it looked tidier to use our surname initial for each mug…and yes – I realise that this is taking my CDD (Compulsive Decorating Disorder) to new levels!!!

Here’s a little addition that I purchased from a flea market in Lewes…(Notice my copy of Brooke Giannetti’s book’Patina Style’ – I LOVE that book almost as much as I LOVE her blog Velvet & Linen!)

Sadly, as much as I love it in natural linen, with three young children and a dog, I think that I will probably have to cover it with something a bit more paw, crumb and juice friendly…

Let’s see how it fit’s in with the rest of the room…

…And here’s another corner of what we call our family room. This is where I sit and have a cup of coffee and read a magazine when the kids are playing on the Wii (I suppose that I should say, “while they’re reading Enid Blyton”, but hey – we’re at the END of the Summer holidays, and any energy I had for strict educational discipline at the beginning of the Summer holidays has completely left me – roll on term time is all that I can say!

By the way, the red gingham cushions that you can see stuffed under the coffee table are there because our Jack Russell (Byron) likes to squeeze under there for a snooze near my feet while I’m sitting and plotting my next thrifty purchase reading.

Well, as Bugs Bunny would say – ‘That’s all Folks!” (For now anyway!)

I hope that everyone else is doing well? I’m planning to dedicate a few days to blog visits, as I feel that I’ve been out of the loop with your lovely posts for the past few weeks while the children have been at home. Normal service – as they say – will resume at the end of next week. Lots to show and tell – can’t wait!

Thank you SO much for visiting. Enjoy!

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