Friday, 27 July 2012

Good Luck Team GB!

The countdown has begun. The popcorn is popping. The drinks are chilling. The takeaway is on it's way. The children are wide eyed and dressed in their snugglies - fizzing with excitement at being allowed to stay up late in order to watch the opening ceremony!

Yes - Olympic fever has definitely hit the 'Sutton' household!

Team GB in 1908...
Team GB in 2012!


Good luck to you all and have a great weekend!



  1. Lots of excitement over here as well. Enjoy!


  2. Can't wait, however some of the wine has already been drunk, it's going to be a good night.

  3. We are just as excited on this side of the pond. Especially looking forward to the opening ceremonies!!
    Cheers from DC,

  4. I love the 1908 picture they all look like they are about to embark on a right jolly jape.

    Glad to see second from right has got his t-shirt tucked well and truly into those Simon Cowell shorts, hair combed and shoulders back, Mum will be pleased.

    Hope you rang your bell this morning Paula!
    On your marks, get set....

  5. Dearest Paula! My husband just fired up the telly and we are ready to make a night of it, but it is only 2:15 in the afternoon here! How exciting this is!

    Thank you for coming for a visit! HAVE FUN! Anita

  6. As Anita stated it is still early here, but we are anxiously awaiting the last few miles and entrance of the torch. There is nothing like it! Best wishes to London for a successful two weeks.

  7. Hello Paula

    I love the picture from 1908. Danny Boyle deserves a medal for the wonderful presentation. Truly beautiful and emotional to see so many countries represented.
    We have an exciting two weeks ahead.

    Helen xx

  8. Love the 1908 pic too Paula! How incredible was the torch lighting last night-absolutely beautiful! How's your gorgeous house coming on? Keep me posted so we can do a little feature!! Enjoy the first Olympic weekend! Caroline x

  9. Great ceremony last night, I love the fact that we did our 'Brit thing' and produced an opening ceremony that truly represented the UK. I came to your blog via Goddess On A Budget. Love the look of Hill House. I spend a fair bit of time in vintage shops as well as cooking. Looking forward to further posts. GG

  10. Wasn't the open ceremony great, it encapsulated (Sorry large word for me!!) everything that is British, I love the way it started with the Archers music and the shipping forecast. Just love to see it again. Hope you have enjoyed this lovely weather we have had in the last week, but big disappointment that it isnt going to last!!
    have a lovely week.

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