8 Jun 2012

Beautifully British…Max Rollitt!

Now firstly, I must apologise for my lack of blog posts since Diamond Jubilee ‘fever’ took hold of the UK for the past week or so. My life has been filled to bursting with bunting, baking and babysitting – we currently have a house full of eight children all under the age of 12 – and suffice to say that I have baked enough red, white and blue cup cakes over the past week to feed the Queens Household Cavalry several times over!

But it has been an absolutely wonderful and jubilantly patriotic week, which has been thoroughly enjoyed by man and child alike…despite the dreadful weather. Like any extended country house weekend, there has been an abundance of that typically British country weekend fayre of red wine, wet dogs and laughter.

And now I’m slowly creeping back to normal life, reclaiming my computer screen and quietly nosing my way through the websites and designers that keep my home and interiors loving fire burning in a similar way to how oil fuels the Aga…

So here’s a very British designer for you – Max Rollitt – whose “classically refined yet informal style” has become his trademark. Now admittedly, I’m delving into the realms of pure fantasy here. Fantasy because the following sofa’s are WAY out of my price bracket, however, it is a guilty pleasure of mine to imagine one of Max Rollitt‘s deliciously upholstered sofa’s with their sumptuous damasks and silk velvets supporting my very unworthy derriere.

Max Rollitt whose company covers three distinct areas – antiques, interiors and bespoke design, has an amazing ability to design contemporary furniture based on classical design and to create spaces that look as though they have been handed down through generations and stood for centuries. His use of colour is wildly genius…just look at the turquoise legs on these chairs – LOVE them!

His interior style can be a little bit spare…ADORE these bare, unvarnished floorboards which tone down that incredible chandelier so perfectly!

A little bit bonkers…turquoise AND purple AND pattern – yet all still in keeping with the period setting – gorgeous!

Just the sort of country house interior that I love…such eccentric use of colours and classical shapes!

But what they all share is an informal, time worn yet elegant sense of comfort…

Made for…well…red wine, wet dogs and laughter!

Hope that you enjoy.

Images courtesy of: www.maxrollitt.com

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