2 May 2012

More Tea Vicar?…(Cosy English Country Style with Susie Watson Designs).

When I fall in love, I fall fast and hard, and for a while it’s all
consuming…but do I remain faithful? No siree, I’m about as faithful as Jane Austen’s Mr Willoughby to poor Marianne in Sense and Sensibility. I’m speaking about interiors of course, and
having shown you one of my favourite style crushes (Kate Forman) earlier this week, I’m
now going to let you in on another English designer from my ‘not so secret’ lust list. Those of
you who are not ‘into’ colour – turn away now – for this next reveal veers into pure
English Mad Hatter territory!

Susie Watson Designs epitomise all that is quaint and mildly eccentric about English country design.
Think strawberries and cream, ‘high tea’ with crumpets and scones and jam, the Women’s Institute and phrases such as “More tea vicar?”! Well chances are that the cups that were handed to the ‘Bishop by the Actress’ (wink wink) were probably not too dissimilar to the ones now made by Susie Watson.
Her designs are pure English fantasy. A combination of Alice in Wonderland meets Miss Marple. No
Scandinavian paired down subtlety here, – this is pure Mary Poppins psychedelia – it’s spots, tassels and pom poms all the way – with a few stripes thrown in – often all at the same time!

Her designs appeal to my Enid Blyton influenced childhood views of the
English countryside. It’s all about picnics, midnight feasts scones and cream and
lashings of ginger beer – followed by a jolly good romp with the dog
through the woods (perhaps we’ll discover smugglers and find ourselves in the
middle of a ‘toppo’ adventure!)

It’s high tea followed by cricket on the lawn.

Real lemonade after a rough and tumble game of lacrosse (I played 3rd Home at my all girls school – did any ones else ever play?) I could go on (and I frequently do…) but suffice to say that she’s one of my ‘go to’ designers for informal crockery and soft furnishings that involve the family room and the girls bedroom.

I have a lot of her pink and white spotted pottery which I use for breakfasts, picnics and informal tea parties. I also have her jauntily striped red and white linen table cloths and napkins – such fun!
Now you take another look while I butter some crumpets and then afterwards – ANYONE FOR TENNIS???

All images courtesy of Susie Watson Designs. www.susiewatsondesigns.com

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