14 May 2012

I Went To The Market…

Do you remember when you were at nursery school, and the teacher would play the game “I went to the market”? All the children would sit around in a circle and one by one say something that they had ‘bought’ at the market, and then everyone would have to add an extra thing to the list and remember the last items? Fancy a ‘grown up’ version of that game? Well sit down quietly children and I’ll begin – because on Sunday I Went to the Market…and I bought…a Lamp…

…I went to the market and I also bought…a painted Table!

So let’s see…that makes a Lamp (for my son’s desk) and a painted Table (I have 3 others similar to this!)…and…

…I went to the market and I ALSO bought a…retro style Radio!

Right then – where are we – are you keeping up? I went to the market and I bought, a Lamp (for my son’s room),
a painted Table (of which I have 3 others!), a retro style Radio (for my husbands retro style study!) and a…Vase!

Actually, not just a vase – but a Fulham Pottery, Constance Spry vase to add to my rather large Fulham Pottery collection – RESULT!

Let’s recap, I went to the market and I bought, A Lamp (for my son’s room), A painted Table (of which I have 3 others!), A retro style Radio (for my husbands retro study) A Vase…(to add to my growing Constance Spry for Fulham Pottery Collection)…AND I bought..another Table!

This time an occasional table for my drawing room, which I shall paint in some sort of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint loveliness – probably her ‘French Linen’ or ‘Old Ochre’ – haven’t quite decided yet.

So basically, I went to the Market and I came back VERY happy indeed. And above is my final “I Went To The Market” loot shoot!
I hope that you all had a good weekend – any bargain hunting of your own?

P.S. Thank you all SO much for your wonderful and kind comments to earlier posts – They really, REALLY do make my day!!!
image courtesy of: First and last photographs by Tim Walker; all other images taken by me!

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