Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Be Still My Beating Heart...(or.. For The Love of Kate!)

I'm all for individuality when it come to interior design, but sometimes I find a shop (or designer) that so perfectly embodies everything that I am trying to achieve with my home, to which end I could quite happily pick up the entire shop - lock, stock and perfectly distressed barrel, and transport it into my home without altering a thing. Does this show a lack of imagination? If so, I care not, because Kate Forman is one such designer for me, and it's beyond my power to control my love for each cushion, curtain and candlestick ...
This morning I received her latest brochure - which I devoured, heart palpitating, over a cup of Earl Grey tea and a hot buttered crumpet - and from which I, upon finishing the last perfectly styled page, was left feeling bereft at it's beautiful conclusion, like the departure of a lover or the end of particularly spellbinding novel... Yes, I can be quite dramatic like that when it comes to interiors (it used to be shoes), but I have long been an ardent fan of her faded English country, meets French 19th Century, meets classic Swedish, elegantly 'lived in' style. (A mouthful I know - but my own typically overblown description - please don't blame Kate!)
I have a mountain of her fabrics waiting to re-cover various pieces of my furniture, as well as a veritable Everest high pile of plumped cushions and bolsters - still wrapped - ready to 'dress' the house when the painting has been completed.
Hers is one on the interiors sites that I lustfully sign on to and swoon over in the small hours of the night, dreaming, planning and plotting the dramatic decor transformation that is on the brink of commencing at Hill House (Yes Mr Sutton - You heard correctly - the time has COME!). I say the small hours because I do literally wake up in the middle of the night with the 'need' to get a fabric 'fix' before I can rest again - and I suppose - for my long suffering husband - it beats me awaking and creeping out of the marital bed for illicit meetings of a more thrilling kind. After all, I am unlikely to leave him for a cushion...
As you can tell, I have recovered from the temporary style crush brought on by my recent trip to Palm Springs, (I sense that my painted armoires, and artfully scuffed tables are breathing a huge sigh of relief that they are not to be replaced by something orange, glossed and mid-century modern after all!)and I am back to coveting what I love best. Everything old, all that is faded, all that harps back to a bygone era and is painted, chipped or slightly imperfect and above all much, much LOVED. Paula x All Images courtesy of; Zara Hart for Kate Forman Designs www.kateforman.co.uk


  1. just went to Charlston Hse and have a hankering to paint all visible surfices...extraordinary!!

  2. Phew, I was getting a little worried about 'Palm Springs' in the English countryside!
    I'm glad I am not the only one who has to get up in the middle of the night because I 'need' to check on something.

  3. What gorgeous inspiration. I adore her style and the settees are amazing. I know what you mean about the style of one designer. Phoebe Howard is that designer for me. Could have her do my home sight unseen. Beautiful post...

  4. I just ADORE Kate Forman! I have cuttings from magazines of her house - it's so pretty! Her fabrics are to die for, the colours and patterns are so perfectly faded and muted!! I was just reading a magazine the other day that said she has a new range of furniture out! Can't wait to see them!


  5. Thankyou so much for the introduction to Kate's design works! So much of what I see is my style as well!

    I wanted you to know...I am featuring Anita Rivera, our Friend, Designer and Paper Artist with Castles Crowns & Cottages.

    Art by Karena

  6. Hello Paula,
    Stunning photos! So calm and relaxing. The style of Palm Springs has it's place......in Palm Springs! It works there, bright and sunny and cooling at the same time.
    Thanks for exposing me to yet another very talented designer.

  7. Thank you for your charming comment on my blog and for following me. I adore your blog and there are so many wonderful images my 'pin it' button is falling off the screen! These images from Kate Foreman are exquisite - I love those beautiful shell coloured curtains pooling on the floor - so gorgeous! I am going to investigate her further, and look forward to seeing more of your stunning home!

  8. Hello Paula
    Your post is just beautiful, yes I adore Kate Foreman, so soft and feminine.
    Thea x

  9. Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog! I'm currently browsing all the beautiful pictures on your blog...so happy that we found each other!

  10. Love this post! Your late night thrills with fabrics cracks me up! I find myself making covert notes on my smart phone in the middle of the night of ideas I have for dolls. Oh, our husbands do have to be patient with our obsessions!

    I have not been familiar with Kate Foreman, but I am loving those fabrics. Can't wait to see what you do with them! Oh, and I love your dramatic descriptions of her style and your admiration of her work! I think it is thrilling to find someone's work that is so in tune with your own secret desires!


  11. So glad you commented on my blog so that I could discover yours! I adore your taste :)

  12. Mine arrived today too, I love her fabrics, and her shop (which I visited last month) is delightful. I'm with you when it comes to a fabric fix, time of day or night means nothing!!!
    Have a lovely week.

  13. I love Kate Foreman too.

    Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog. The feature should go on the webpage at some point. I didn't want to put the link that the journalist gave me on my blog but cut and paste this link for the on line version of the magazine:-)


  14. What beautiful pictures and your writing style is great! Thanks for sharing!

  15. What beautiful inspiration, no wonder you are so enamoured!
    Rose H

  16. Exquisite! I am especially fond of the settee with the red stripes. I could quite possibly find the perfect spot for it to rest. Thanks for sharing these lovely interiors. Bonnie

  17. I'm so with you - Kate Forman's designs are utterly gorgeous!! She seems to have a Midas touch to all she does - makes me swoon!


  18. Such inspiration - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first image! And thank you for such lovely comments on my blog. Sharon x

  19. Hello sweet Paula! I love all of the gorgeous photos you shared and your wonderful writings! I know you must be very excited with all the plans for your lovely Hill House! It will be stunning! I love the beautiful fabrics! Thank you for your sweet comment! I am so glad you ordered the Queen of Sweden! You will love her blooms and incredible fragrance! I am thinking your blooms will be larger than mine since you live in a milder climate. I live in the hot and humid south and I think many of the rose blooms are not as large as they could be due to the heat making the bush itself grow. We have to prune them back in the summer. I can hardly wait to see yours! It is lovely to have made friends with you sweetie! Thank you for being so kind! I enjoy your lovely blog! Have a beautiful day! Love, Paula xo

  20. So Happy that you found me this way it encouraged me to come visit a place (You) and your Hill House, your photos steal my heart as well, I also took close notice of your home on your sidebar of beauty and what can I say other then you are truly living a dream life in full living colour of a home of pale extirior, and the beauty that follows.
    Your manor is like a visit to an inn.

    I am thankful that my piece was inspiring enough that you would take the time to then comment.
    I am surely going to be following you :)

    By the way you wear your Grandfathers nose well, beauty that follows it.


  21. Thank you for your visit over at my place. It was fun to have a look at your place and I am sure to be back again soon.

    The country is a beautiful place to be. The city is an exciting place to be. It's grand to appreciate them both.


  22. Hi Paula,
    Hot crumpets,tea and lots of new inspiration for our homes - I'm with you all the way!!
    I wasn't familiar with Kate Forman's designs, but any (or all) of them would fit perfectly here at The Round house.
    Always look forward to your blog.
    Hope the rain stops soon!

  23. I enjoyed visiting your blog and love your beautiful home!! Thank you so much for stopping by Eye For Design. As you can see, I am new at this and appreciate your kind remarks. I adore all things french and find shabby so lovely. People in this area do not embrace those looks so I have not been able to decorate in that style. I am using my blog and facebook business page to try and introduce them to these beautiful decorative styles. Hope I can find a client ready for a change!!

  24. Hi Paula - Thank you for the introduction. I've not heard of Kate Forman, but love what I see. So charming, unpretentious, and a bit old world....lovely patina, too. Enjoy the weekend ahead, Loi

  25. Hi Mrs Sutton, thank you for your comments on my blog! I love your house! Envious! I will be your new follower!

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  27. Oh Paula, you do make me chuckle. But I'm with you on the fever pitch excitement of a new magazine! I like Kate Forman's understated designs and colourways - perfect for a country home.

    Not sure if you saw my response to your comment at mine but I hasten to add we are both South London girls!

    Off to look at your last two posts now.

    Happy weekend

  28. Hey Paula, I have to admit my ignorance on this one but I hadn't heard of Kate Forman but thank you for the introduction! I love her style. Atlanta Bartlett is my inspiration, I go weak at the knees for that faded charm. Thanks for your lovely comments about my family; my husband has no idea that photo is on my blog, not sure he wants the world to see him in his swimmers! Notice there were no shots of me; I'm not silly! Hugs, B x p.s I'm a South London Girl too! xxx

  29. Hello Paula,
    yet another fantastic post from the Hill house diaries! You are full of inspiration... I love it!!! Dramatic??? I totally understand, and feel dramatic myself most of the time... Why, you ask??? Because I am "almost" always inspired! And your posts inspire me for sure!!
    Thank you for introducing us to Kate Forman.
    Love her inspiration page... sigh

    Wishing you a blissful weekend!

  30. Hi Paula,

    Kate Forman is new to me, but I understand why you love her style. It's very femine and romantic. I must say that although it has a classic touch, I like it very much too. I thought the photo's were from your house at first :-).

    Have a lovely new week. In Holland we celebrate the queens birthday tomorrow. Holland will be one big flea market!

    Madelief x

  31. Hello Mrs Sutton,

    thank you so much for stopping on my blog and the very nice comment!

    I love your house! Beautiful!
    I will be your new follower and wish you a wonderful start in the new week.

    Lovely Greetings, Mary


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