Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A Very Special Area...

I've always envied the sort of organised and 'sophisticated' woman who owns a proper 'dressing table'. Over the years I have collected dozens of magazine cuttings, poured over numerous fashion magazines and lusted over a multitude of women in film and television who were lucky enough to lay claim to a fully fledged 'vanity area'. So, high on my list of priorities when we moved to our new home was that I would finally be able to have my very own 'high maintainance' area in the form of a dressing table. The classical proportions of my new bedroom were crying out for a proper 'grown up' area for me to place my lotions, and potions and trinkets - many having been left unused or packed away awaiting emancipation for this very reason.

So when I came accross an Edwardian gem on e-bay, that I purchased for £40, it was the beginning of a grand 'love affair'. I can't tell you how much time I now spend rearranging the items on top.

Inspired by absolutely BEAUTIFUL shops/blogs such as Frou Frou Fashionista, the drawers are lined in pink acid free tissue paper, and contain my posh lingerie - laid out like a shop - what fun!
It's (supposed to be) a child free zone, although with 6 year old twin daughters this is an ongoing (as in losing) battle!

It may not be as cosmopolitan and funky as Carrie Bradshaw's...

Or as drippingly glamourous as Georgina Chapman's...

It's a bit scuffed, and scratched, and in fact cost less than most of the products that are carefully placed on top of it!
But it's my very own, special area..

And I love it!


  1. My mother had one and as a child I loved it. I envy your dressing table.
    Kind regards! N.

  2. What a lovely dressing table and what a beautiful blog you have.
    Have a nice Wednesday.
    Kind regards from Mio

  3. Mrs Sutton,

    Love your blog and love your home even more, how lucky are you! A grand country house with french windows, and I got a wee peek at your kitchen in one of your photographs it looks lovely, and is that a smeg fridge? Oh lots of inspiration here, I'll be stopping by from now on to get a nosey around your wonderful home. And that entrance gate its like a small devon gate- perfect. Is it a listed building?

    All things nice...

    All things nice...

  4. Your dressing table is just beautiful, as is your blog. I love Hill House. What a lovely place it is.
    Thank you so much for coming by to check out our little tea.

  5. Hello everyone and thank you all so much for your lovely comments! Yes, All Things Nice, it is a (very old) Smeg Fridge and funnily enough, the building isn't listed although it was built in 1822 - we thought that was odd, but it does mean that we have more freedom to 'tweak'things a little if necessary! Have a lovely day and I'll be popping along to you all individually in the world of Blogdom - I'm SO happy that I've discovered you! xx

  6. So glad you stopped by! Your blog is gorgeous as is your home...beautiful! Love your dressing table too.
    Ness xx

  7. Just found you this morning on my blog walk. You have a beautiful aesthetic. I'll be back.

  8. Dear Mrs Sutton!!!

    What a lovely post, fantastic fun!!! I too was dreaming of a proper dressing table and got one now...just a table really, with a mirror above - but I LOVE it, makes me feel a little special to sit at it....And of course you girls cannot stay away from it!!! Dressing tables were like a magnet to me when I was little - I think you can be very proud knowing that your girls are proper little girls (and twins - HOW exciting!!!) And Do I know what you mean - I had kept lovely bottles etc for my dressing table too...and now they are out...LOVE it!!!

    Thank you so much for your comments!!! I would love to pass on anything that I am learning at the moment....Crumbs is great fun but does have a few hours in the afternoon where she goes mad and deaf :) - but then she is a Terrier and they are strong minded!!!! I love the Jack Russels because they are big dogs in small bodies!!! Off to puppy classes next week - can't wait!! I have 4 books I am using and all of them are brilliant - happy to pass the titles on - I read loads before she came and am still getting the books out a lot now - I would say, getting as much information as possible BEFORE was the best thing we did!!!

    Is it as horrid up in Norfok as it is here? Thinking of lightning the fire.... In August?

    Have a lovely evening!!!



  9. Your dressing table is ADORABLE! Just like your blog.
    Wishing you a lovely Thursday. xx

  10. What lovely comments - thank you Saskia, Ness and Susy and everyone - you've brightened up my morning! Hello Nicola - can you believe I have a jumper on this morning - it CAN'T possibly be August - we must be in an East Anglian timewarp! I would LOVE to know the titles of the doggy training books - any information I can arm myself with before welcoming another little member to the family is most welcome - Thank you SO much and have a great day! xxx

  11. Oh yes, I love dressing tables - your's is very beautiful. I can only dream of one though, as our bedroom is teeny tiny and our bed (a victorian brass bed) is actually far too large for the room and therefore allows space for little else! But one day I'll have a wonderful dressing table and arrange all my pretty goodies, just like you.
    Wishing you happy days,

  12. Dressing tables are such an adult indulgence - yours is lovely. Amazing what one finds on EBAY. I arrange my bits on my long chest of drawers with a massive gold mirror above & it works well.
    Dee at the Carlton


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