19 Jul 2017

An Organised Desk is An Organised Mind – Unless You’re Einstein!

An organised desk is an organised mind – or so I’ve been led to believe!

In the absence of a dedicated study of my own (the garage conversion into studio/office is on the endless list of things to complete…), I have claimed a corner of my dining room to use as my temporary ‘control centre’.  This is where I sit to write, contemplate and plan.  However, until earlier this week, it had also become a dumping ground for things that were either on their way back in or out of the vintage armoire.  It had also become a holding bay for stray letters, candles, homeless paperwork, and pens that had passed their best, as well as the odd discarded dog chew or hair grip…Something needed to change…

So when the lovely people form Cox & Cox offered me a voucher to choose something from their website, I knew exactly what I wanted…

Launched in 2001 with the desire to create a handpicked collection of homeware products that couldn’t be found in traditional catalogues, Cox & Cox describe their range as ‘Unique, Eclectic & Beautiful!’ – and as a lover of eclectic and beautiful interiors, I decided to use this mantra to organise my little study area in an aim to entice myself to take more pleasure in sitting at my desk – and see it as a joyful place to be.

I had already found the desk on eBay a couple of years ago, and although I am known for painting much of my furniture, I felt that this particular area shouldn’t be too girly or ‘feminine’, but should maintain an air of utility, functionality and efficiency about it.  This of course didn’t mean compromising on making it a stylish or attractive corner, but as the rooms main use is as a dining room, with a huge centrally located chandelier, fabulously French vintage armoire, and a white painted ornate sideboard that resembles an iced wedding cake, the style of this study corner could afford to be more pared down, with a few carefully chosen accessories to add sparkle and bling if necessary.

So, what did I choose at Cox & Cox?

I had been coveting these wire shelving units for quite a while now.  I love their old school sense of function and usefulness, and I loved that despite being new, they still had a touch of vintage about them…

Cox & Cox Wire Magazine Rack

I felt that the rough coated wire would create an interesting contrast to the prettiness of the rest of the room, without causing too harsh a difference.  They are both also the perfect size to hold my camera, chargers and stationary paraphernalia….

The tarnished metal of the wire work, works beautifully against white walls, but also works well with other metallic accessories – especially bronze and gold.

Cox & Cox Wire Shelf Rack With Hooks

You can find the vertical magazine rack unit here,  and the horizontal shelf rack with hooks here.

I also added a small but practical Vintage Style Zinc Jug to hold some candles, but it would work equally as well as a pen holder, cutlery jug or filled with a small bunch of flowers to add colour.

The final touch, was this exquisite Glass Memories Box (similar Here) , which would be perfect to use as a jewellery case, or to showcase treasured items.  In this instance, I’ve used it to hold my business cards, but knowing me, it will probably make it’s way around the house and hold a variety of pretty object – including jewellery – before it settles in it’s forever home!

I think that the end result manages to reflect my love of new, vintage AND pretty things, without detracting too much away from the rest of the room and it’s primary purpose – dining!  I also like to think that now there is a place for everything, and everything is in its’ place – a huge surge of productivity will soon follow….Mmmmmmm

Of course, despite the thrill of a good sort out, one must always allow for the presence of a few bits of frivolity and inspirational clutter to help the creative juices to flow (Hence the addition of a stapler in the guise of a dog…).  After all, as Albert Einstein once said…  

“If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, Of what, then, is an empty desk a sign..?”

Quite right too!

Until Next Time,

The Diaries

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