1 Feb 2016

English Country Decorating With…The Decorative Cushion!

If I ever felt the need to join a self help group to cure me of an addiction, it would have to be to cure me of my addiction to cushions.  Although, I must admit that the idea of sitting in a circle discussing  my passionate love for cushions with those as equally as obsessed, is an idea SO beyond heavenly, that perhaps it would defeat the ultimate purpose…

The fact is, that I simply cannot have enough of them, and there is not one corner, surface or chair in my household that is safe from the onslaught of the overstuffed cushion.

Be they frilled, flouncy or floral, they are all fabulous…to me.  My husband often complains that there are too many cushions and not enough places to actually sit, but even I have spotted the Cheshire Cat grin of satisfaction that inadvertantly crosses his face when the days tensions are released as he sinks down amongst them.

…And so in my defence, whilst cushions are gorgeous to look at and feed my raging need for pattern and colour, in addition, they are ‘Oh’ so comfortable – and who can argue with that.  Who can fail to be enticed by the cocoon like feeling that comes from submerging oneself into the middle of a pile of padded comfort on a cold Winter evening.  They go hand in hand with English country decorating in much the same way as a roaring open fire, a book covered ottoman…and an Aga loving dog.

Not only are they a relatively inexpensive way to update the look of a room, but (‘joy of joys!’) as they are portable, they can be moved around with ease to change the look, feel and tone of any room in the house.   Comfortable AND practical!

They also work beautifully to break up the lack of pattern or to add a contrasting colour to a plain covered sofa…

…and are a superb tool to dilute the strength of a boldly patterned chair, adding an extra pop of colour or interest.

But mostly, they are quite simply – fun.  I enjoy them – and that is what decorating should really be about.

Until next time,

The Diaries

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