9 Oct 2012

Sorry For Being So Slack…!

But my camera was broken, the computer has been playing up and…well…life has just been SO darned busy! I’m sure that I am not the only one who has been caught up with Autumn madness? It started with the return to school for my twins, and a change to senior school for my son. All of which has added up to a change of pace to warp speed (and a ridiculous amount of homework!). Also, some exciting news – I’ve bitten the bullet and committed to taking on a (VERY small) unit at a local vintage and decorative antiques emporium, that just happens to be opening up 5 minutes from my house!

You know when it feels like the planets have merged and are trying to tell you something – I think that it’s called serendipity? Well, for many years now, and particularly since starting my blog, I have admired and been inspired by the creativity and industrious nature of my fellow bloggers and those who have had the courage (and talent) to take their dream from wistful kitchen table imaginings, to the next level (Yes, that’s you, the amazing Sharon at La Vie En Rose, wonderful Louise at Love & Lilac, and also, the gorgeous Sharon at My French Country Home and on a far grander scale, the fabulous Loi at Tone on Tone – although, the latter was probably not so much ‘kitchen table musings’ as simply being born to design, create and sell the ultimate in beautiful spaces and things!)

I’ve been visiting flea markets, shabby chic vintage and antique shops for years now, and have always looked wistfully and longingly at the owners who seem to be combining their love of decorative antiques with an actual ‘job’. For far too long, it has seemed like a frivolous fantasy that would never be within my reach – after all, surely people need to be ‘trained’ to sell’ pretty things – and am I not simply one of those people who is just ‘trained’ to buy’ them?

Well, with a growing hoard of painted fripperies, cut glass glories and faded florals taking over every available nook and cranny, and a shrinking number of rooms to place them in, it was with slight reluctance and resignation that my husband pointed out the sign for a ‘soon-to-be-opening’ barn that promised the delights of “shabby chic to antique”, not five minutes from my front door!

I felt that familiar pang of excitement at the thought of discovering new treasures (and SO close to home) coupled with the also familiar pang of “lucky him or her, to be opening such a lovely sounding shop!”. So you can imagine the frisson of excitement, when on closer inspection of the sign, I read that in addition to a shabby chic shopping experience of swoon inducing proportions, it said that there would also be ‘Spaces To Let”!

Well – how could I not take advantage of that? Call me impulsive (or just plain crazy) but before I knew it, I was standing there discussing the ins and outs with the owner and committing to a small unit under the name of “HILL HOUSE VINTAGE” – a name that had been playing around in my subconscious for a while, and is in fact already my twitter name. It took me all of 5 minutes to decide to go for it, and so – as with everything in my life at the moment, it’s 0-90mph in less time than it takes to say “What on EARTH have I done!?”.

Perhaps this is the beginning of a great adventure and a new chapter of my life? I’ve certainly been searching for a new niche since leaving London and my career in the fashion industry – one which will compliment being at home with the children whilst ‘doing-up’ Hill House. Ah well…only time will tell, but hopefully, you’ll all come along with me for the ride – wish me luck!

Have a great day!

p.s. I’ll be back with news of my gorgeous lamps soon, and also a giveaway to celebrate my blog approaching nearly 300 followers – watch this space!

All images from Hill House Diaries Blog.

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