Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I Want...A Matching Pair...

...of Balustrade Lamps of course!
I absolutely adore the classical style of these lamps, and am searching for the perfect pair to take pride of place on a set of painted tables in my family room.
There's something alluring about lamplight - especially when the nights begin to draw in...
...Lamps provide an elegance and subtle, soothing atmosphere that my harsh overhead spotlights simply cannot muster...
...and the shape of a balustrade lamp adds an extra hint of romanticism to the scene, without being as treacherous (particularly with children) as candlelight...
I like the fact that they could have fallen from an ancient ruin on Mount Olympus...
...or 'liberated' from the terrace of the Goddess Aphrodite...
...Perhaps she threw them at Zeus one night after a particularly bad argument, and they ended up intact and in all their glory on the ground - just waiting for Mr Lampfitter to wander by and discover a new and novel use for them...
What do you think of balustrade lamps - is it a like, love or loathe? Perhaps you feel that they only belong in a theme pub or on the set of a stage play featuring Romeo, Juliet and a balcony!
Well, theatrical or not - (who Moi?)- I have my beady eye on a pair that I hope soon, to give a loving and most welcoming home to...
...Now where was I - ah yes..."What Light from Yonder Window Breaks...!"

Images courtesy of; 1&2)Puck Haberd Decorative Living; 3&4) Anton and K Decorative Living; 5) Appley Hoare Antiques; 6) Ebury Trading;7)House Beautiful; 8) Decorative Country Living; 9)Barker & Stonhouse; 10)Brownrigg Interiors; 11)Phoenix Antiques; 12)Bella Patina.


  1. Paula I hear you girl, I have a passion for Balustrade lamps, or any salvaged wood lamps.
    Do you remember the one I was able to pull off in one of my older postings to as finding one that fit in with my look? ...I got it at our Target store :)
    I am pleased with the outcome of the look it gave to my French Flea look oh so euro chic!

    Let us know what you find and how you pulled off your look.

    Come visit the farmhouse look I am creating, French Flea Market Style :)


  2. I like the balustrade bases very much Paula, but I do wish 'they' would use the correct size shades - the small ones look stupid to my eyes! (I worked for a lighting company for 10 years....)
    You are quire right about lamp light as the nights draw in, I'm sitting here now with four on, a much gentler light than the 'big' overhead lighting.

  3. Hi Paula, This is my favorite style of lamp. They can be formal or informal depending on the material - I have a white-washed wood pair and a pair made of alabaster. I love them.

  4. I love them too, Paula! To me this style is typical American - Swiss do not have this kind of lamps. I ADORE it! Christa

  5. Paula, I adore the classic design. Could you possible have the perfect pair made? Just a thought.....

  6. Hi Paula

    Find yourself a couple of old balusters from a porch or stairway. They make great lamps. I have several that I have had made.

    1. That is a superb idea - I'll have to look in to that!
      Paula x

  7. Oh, I love them particularly the tall ones with the chipped paint. What a good idea the previous comment to mine is.

  8. Hello Paula

    I love the old balustrade lamps and they will fit beautifully in your home, near your Downton Abby dresser :) I must say I have a passion for lamps that are tall and the choice of height is not always to my liking but the solution is for them to sit on books.

    Helen xx

  9. I LOVE THESE LAMPS. For the longest time, I could not figure out what style would go with my décor, but THIS IS IT. I have several different styles going on in my home, from French Girondelles, alabaster lamps, crystal candelabras and so on...but I too must have at least ONE of these! GOOD CHOICES MY DEAR and I am sure you will find a pair and get them into the house, place them in the right spot, and make them look as if they have been there for "....a long time!"


  10. LOVE these too - I really want 2 on our mantelpiece - I have a total thing for symmetry at the mo!!


  11. Hi Paula,
    I hope the balustrade - lamp fairy is listening!!
    I love these too - and they have to come in pairs.
    Lamps on timers at the ready in preparation for the nights drawing in.
    Hope you have a lovely week,

  12. Oh yes indeedy a lovely pair of those would suit me just fine, living room or dining room - hmmm I had better get two pairs just to be on the safe side.

  13. Yes you can't beat ambient lighting as the evenings are drawing in and you've featured some beauties Paula! I'm looking forward to meeting the pair you decide on ......with signature theatrical dialogue of course!:-)
    Fiona x

  14. I agree balustrade lamps have soul and such great form! I hope you find the perfect pair...They would be easy to make yourself if you can locate some great balustrades?

    You stopped my my blog for a visit back in March and I was ill so I haven't been able to visit you until now. So glad to have finally found you! And anyone who loves Marie Antoinette as much as I do I can't help but follow *winks* Vanna/your newest follower

  15. Hi Paula,

    I totally understand. I love those too. Allways looking for pieces of wood with a nice patina..

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    xoxo Rozmeen

  16. Ah, such stylish lamps. I like my lamps tall and graceful, like a ballerina;-) xx

  17. Oh my!!! These always looks so chic and stylish.
    Hope you are well Sweets and Autumn is in flu swing where you are xx

  18. These are quite graceful with an elegant kind of presence. Love them! XX

  19. Oops I've been reading backwards and have left a comment a few posts ago!

    All my lamps are different except the ones in our bedroom. I find that individual pieces work better in our cottage, but these are very stylish and chic.


  20. I totally agree with you on the subject of lamps versus overhead lights, which I hate so much I've been known to switch off absent-mindedly in other people's houses ! As for balustrade lamps, I have one next to me right now, near my bed... Yes, because being a slob, I type comments in bed ...!!!x

  21. Hey Paula, Love ALL of the above lamps - they're elegant and solid at the same time!! And yes, I love my lamps in pairs - like the dramatic effect - defo twins!!! :)))))


    ps thank you for all your lovely comments Paula- big, big hugs Sharon xxxx

  22. You just know Mr Loi has a fabulous pair of lamps with your name on them sitting in his shop don't you:)

  23. Paul is right, and I will ship, LoL!!! Actually you might have luck finding a pair in London. Try the shops on Lillie Road (Fulham). I also love them, Paula.
    Ciao ciao,

  24. Oh yes, I love balustrade lamps and the fact that they look good in any space and can be dressed up or down...can't wait to see what you find !

  25. Hey sweets,

    Me again...

    I don't have an email address for you so I'll leave a comment instead...

    You are one of the winners of the Mi-Septembre pouch. They are so GORGEOUS!

    Please may I have your address so I can forward it on?



    1. WOW - YEHAAAWWW!! Thank you - coming right over!
      Paula x

  26. Just popping by to say have a lovely weekend:-). xx

  27. Hello Dear Paula, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I am now your newest follower. I love lamps too, especially the style on the photos you are sharing with us, rustic, but classic and very elegant. The light from lamps is so soft and subtle, and offer that wonderful indirect glow that makes everything around feel so cozy. Have a wonderful weekend and again, thanks for commenting on my blog.

  28. Checkout my most recent're in it. Wink ;)

    Lisa x

    Happy Weekend

  29. I'm a city girl at heart who is a tad green with envy of this country living lifestyle of yours! Happy to have found your blog today via Lisa Marshall and yes, those are some fab lamps!

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