16 Aug 2012

“Errr…Darling, there’s something I need to tell you…”

What sales patter would it take for you to completely lose your head about something and buy it without thinking? Perhaps “Madam, that looks fabulous on you!” is an irresistible start? How’s about “There are only two of those in the world, my dear, and that one is a bargain!”? Maybe the simple “Get it – before it’s gone!” does it for you?

And what happens when you’ve bought the ‘thing’ that perhaps you ought not to have purchased. Do you ever try the age old avoidance tactic – “What – this old thing? Why, I’ve had it for absolutely AGES – you just haven’t noticed it before!”

Well, I must admit that I am an absolute professional when it comes to the guilt induced “this old thing” line. However, somehow, it doesn’t seem to work when the object in question is a piece of furniture that measures 6ft tall by 6ft wide…

You see, about a week ago, I was browsing ebay, when something caught my eye. Now browsing ebay for me is an absolutely essential part of my daily routine. It’s as normal as brewing up a cup of Earl Grey, reading through my favourite blogs or letting the dog take me for a walk. I also count myself as a VERY canny ebay user. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I’m quite a whizz at finding a genuine and worthwhile bargain on ebay, and am certainly not easily seduced…

…However, last week, on the day in question, when that special ‘something’ caught my eye amongst the otherwise mundane listings, I was completely stopped in my usually steel coated ‘streetwise’ tracks – (remember, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am originally from South London!), and compelled to investigate further…

What was it – you may ask – that caused such a dent in my self confessed ‘super savvy vintage shopper’ armour?

It was a listing that said; “Genuine Victorian Dresser – previously used as a prop on the set of Downton Abbey!!!

Well please – tell me – Who on earth could have resisted that delicious slice of temptation?

For those of you who have read my previous posts, my lusting for a kitchen dresser or an open armoire for my family room is a well known ‘big’ desire. Added to this, my absolute bordering on the fanatical love of Downton Abbey made for a combination that was far too perfect for me to miss.

For the sceptics amongst you (or just those who are chuckling quietly into your screens at my gullibility – as I would be if reading this post about someone else!)the write up did qualify and make absolutely clear, that the television credentials of the dresser could not be officially verified, but to be honest, at that point I cared not. I had already been sucked in and now had the red mist in front of my eyes – the red mist that says “I MUST BEAT ALL OTHER EBAYER’S TO THIS ITEM AT ALL COSTS!” Well, actually, not quite ALL costs. It actually ended up being relatively cheap…considering it’s a BAFTA award winning superstar! And for those of you who think that I am utterly bonkers for wanting something, simply because it has been on tv – it is actually quite a beautiful piece of furniture, the perfect age, size and style for the spot, and most importantly – I absolutely LOVE it.

It was delivered yesterday afternoon, and although the top shelves still need to be secured to the wall with brackets, I have had enormous fun playing around with it already!

(The computer won’t be staying – far too 21st century – this is just phase 1 of the play around – I’ll show you the real finished result once the top is on!)

Ah well. Now if only I could find a way of convincing my husband (away at a vintage car rally) that it has been there all along…sigh!

Enjoy your day!

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