Monday, 23 July 2012

The Sun Has Got His Hat On...!

Hip Hip Hip HOORAY!

...and this is ALL that I intend doing today...

Is your picnic rug ready...?

Is the hamper full to bursting...?

Here's to a glorious day in the sunshine!

(Hope that it's sunny where you are...?)


images courtesy of 1) The Natural Wedding Company; 2&3)Cabbages and Roses;. 4&5)Susie Watson Designs



  1. It IS sunny where we are and we are going to have a grand picnic on our new cedar deck! Watermelon is going to be consumed in mass quantities and I am taking in the sun in a big way!!! HELLO THERE PAULA! Have a fabulous time! Anita

  2. Hi Paula, no sunshine here and that's fine by me hopefuly we'll get some much needed rain today!

    Enjoy your picnic!


  3. At last! :) Let's hope it stays awhile. The alfresco dining has begun.

  4. What a lovely blog, full of inspiration! I'm glad to have found and to follow!

    All good wishes

    Kind regards

  5. Paula, What beautiful settings to recline and enjoy a summer's respite. I love picnics! Have a wonderful week.

  6. Such lovely photos! The sun is shining here as well! Enjoy your Monday!

  7. Hello Paula

    Enjoy every single moment in the sunshine. What beautiful images, I want to join you.

    Helen xx

  8. The Pimms is flowing !
    Thea x

  9. We sat out in the garden yesterday, hooray. Oh I do hope summer has come at last.

  10. Vandaag was het een prachtige dag voor een picknick, ik hoop dat er nog veel meer komen!


  11. Hi, Paula :-)

    Thank you for your awesome comments :-) You are always so kind and generous.

    No picnics here! Too hot! Even in the shade it is unbearably humid and muggy. And that's where the mosquitoes lurk and bite. Not much gardening either. Let me stop complaining and enjoy the sunshine :-) Preferably from inside with the A/C on!


  12. Fabulous images - especially that gorgeous bunting ♥ We have to make hay while the sun shines - I also have all my summery crockery out .... Have a fabulous picnic time - that is what summer is all about!

    Dee at the Carlton

  13. Hi, i just found your blog and it is lovely so I am your newest follower. I like your images and stories I have seen so far.
    Have a nice day.

  14. So lovely...we are just heading up to Highgate Woods with cricket set, bikes & lots of cool drinks in hand. And praying that the ice cream shop hasn't run out by the time we arrive!!

    Just read your comment about "The Hobbit"....great minds!! Doesn't the trailer for the film look so good too, I really like Martin Freeman, he's perfectly cast :)

    I wanted to email you about something, can't see an email address anywhere for you, could you drop me a line at sla 212 at hotmail dot com if you have a minute please. Thanks! XX

  15. Dear Paula. The weather is perfect for a picnic. Love the red and white striped bolster in the first photo, what a brilliant idea!
    Enjoy the sunshine.

  16. Fingers crossed it lasts Sweets. The UK is certainly one of the best places to be when the sun comes out :-)

  17. Yay..... don't you just love these hot sunny days.
    Enjoy them while they last, and have a great time with your children.
    Happy days,

  18. Could there possibly be a more elegant picnic??? Looks like fun!

  19. I wish it was sunny here. We are in the grip of a cold and wet winter here in Cape Town! Thanks for your visit to my blog and kind comments. Your home and garden are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing more. x Sharon

  20. Raining here at the moment! but I've been dreaming of picnics like these all Winter and we haven't been able to have ONE yet :( but happy the sun is shining on you- so enjoy and have some Pimms for me!!! Beautiful photos Paula (as always!!!!)



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