12 Jul 2012

School Daze…

Sorry for the lack of posts, but my darling son is starting senior school in September, and to settle them in, he’s having a trial 2 weeks for the end of term. Typically, the 11 year old is taking it ALL in his stride – I, however, am completely traumatised by the whole experience and am (much to his embarrassment…) ready to ‘slug’ each ‘big boy’ who comes near my little ‘baby’ outside of the school gates…pity the poor child who is simply asking him for directions!!

Normal ‘blogging service’ to resume next week…if my nerves survive!

p.s.Thank you all SO much for your lovely comments – they are a joy to read, and I frequently fall off my chair with laughter at their wit!

p.p.s. No – my son is not off to Eton, but I’ve always loved this image of the Eton boys taken by photographer Jimmy Sime in 1937.

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