Thursday, 9 September 2010

More Market Finds!

The children are back at school - and now the house is quiet again. Cushions are staying on chairs, dolls lie relaxed in their toy baskets, beds remain made, doors stay closed - ahh the sound of silence and the delight of a tidy house! Perfect conditions for me to root out the little treasures that I found on a recent trip to the Saturday morning market in Swaffham - the whole lot for under £5!

As you can see, I seem to have developed an addiction to glass objects.

A lovely cheese dome with marble base...

A glass butter dish for those buttered crumpet moments...

And my favourite find of the week - A set of six ice-cream dishes...

Of course for health and safety reasons, I tend to try out all of these treasures before they make their way sparkling and refreshed to my shelves...

I can reassure you that this particular ice-cream dish worked perfectly!

Have a great day.


  1. Beautiful blog and photos, have a nice day Radka.

  2. Did you really get all that for 5! I feel a trip to England coming on!!!

  3. But you know, it would probably be responsible to keep checking those gorgeous ice-cream bowls stay in tip-top working order, on a very regular basis, perhaps several times a week. On-going health and safety as you so rightly say!!

  4. Lovely blog and i love those ice cream glasses too! Happy Thursday to you.

  5. Those are some beautiful finds...especially love the ice cream dishes...they make ice cream even more fun.

  6. Oh I would try out the ice cream dishes too...probably more than once :)

  7. What fabulous finds, those cute ice-cream glasses are adorable!
    Have a happy weekend. xxooxx

  8. I especially like the butter dish - such an unusual shape. Do you make you own crumpets? And want exactly is a crumpet? Enjoy the peace and quiet.

  9. I am not a great glass lover I prefer china but you certainly got some bargains, the cheese dome with the marble base is lovely to keep the cheese cool. The sundae dishes are so versatile for fruit salads, grapefruit etc...

    Today we have come back from a weeks holiday in Cornwall and the weather except one day was lovely. But yes, I am sure Autumn will soon be here, but I love the nights with the fire and hot chocolate........... Have a great weekend, Jackie in Surrey

  10. Great finds! Have a lovely wknd!

  11. Dear Mrs. Sutton, How wonderful to find, at long last, someone in a possession of a drawing room. Your weblog is beautifully presented, intriguingly varied and full of interest. I am so pleased to have discovered you and, in order to keep up with what is happening in Norfolk and beyond, I am adding myself as a 'Follower'.

    I hope that you are enjoying a restful Sunday!!

  12. I found your lovely blog a couple of days ago and then, tragically, lost it somehow into the ether. Well, I found it again (hoorah!) and will not be making the same mistake again. I'm your new follower!

    We're renovating an Edwardian house in the Cotswolds so it's lovely to find another English renovation blog! There don't seem to be masses about (or is it just me not finding them?).

  13. What great finds! I love checking things on your blog to see what you are writing about.

    I tagged you in a post today. Happy Monday!

  14. Che simpatico e interesante il
    tuo blog.Penso che verrò molto
    spesso a visitarlo!
    Grazie per il tuo commento,fa
    molto piacere!
    Ciao Susy

  15. How cute, and what great scores. I have a thrift party every Friday, and I love to see stuff like this. Hope to see you sometime. I came from Uncommon slice of suburbia, but I do not see your door:)

  16. Are you okay, Mrs Sutton? I haven't heard from you either on your blog or round and about.....

    I've been missing your sparkling prose!!

    Thinking of you,


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