Thursday, 2 September 2010

Glamorous Gardener (A Novice in The Garden Part 2)

It's no wonder I'm a novice in the garden when currently, all I can think about is what to wear while weeding, cropping and cutting. Perhaps it's just delay tactics to put off the inevitable (LOVE the idea of gardening and growing things - LOATHE the idea of getting dirty!) As mentioned in my previous post - I have been tinkering a bit, and I must say that it's one of the most satisfying feelings when I've planted, nurtured or harvested something of my own - especially when it's still living and breathing a week later.

So, while I muster up the courage to get down and dirty in the garden TODAY(Autumn has arrived in the Norfolk countryside - no rain, just cool, misty mornings and clear bright days - simply beautiful - oh, and as I look far better in a cardigan than in a bikini it's my absolute most favourite time of year - so no excuses!) Here's what I would LOVE to be wearing. I shall keep these images in my head while I don my ripped dungarees, my husbands musty old driving gloves and my father-in-laws Australian bush hat (complete with corks.) Sigh...

How about a chic little gardening hat to start with?

Some Hunter Wellies goes without saying (is the evening gown too much?)

A little help for the more challenging jobs wouldn't go amiss!

Yes, there's absolutely no reason why one cannot combine gardening with sartorial elegance.

After all inspiration comes in many forms - which came first the cabbage or the couture?

Or perhaps I'll just leave the whole thing to my other half and one of the girls. I think that she looks far better in the wellies than I ever could - don't you?

Have a great day! x

(images courtesy of Ruven Afanador/Tatler; Steven Meisel/Vogue/Burberry)


  1. Oh yes, your daughter looks very pretty! We all should try this stile in garden.
    Have fun! N.

  2. You're funny. Chic and funny. I know from reading novels that "Wellies" are Wellington boots, right. They must be a staple in England, like the big black umbrella. Love your posts - looking forward to more. Blessings from So. Cal.

  3. Well there is nothing wrong with looking chic in the garden, albeit with gardening gloves!! I undestand what you mean about worrying what to wear, you just never know who might see you!Your daughter looks a picture and wellies suit her very well.
    Jill x

  4. ~*~* Im so glad I found your beautiful blog!! Im now a follower and you are on my blog roll~*~* I LOVE your house btw!!!~*~*Blessings,Rachel

  5. A long gown and there anything prettier ;o)

  6. Wellies and flowery dresses - I love it. Your daughter is adorable. We live right next to a forest and all the local kids play on the edge every day making dens - my daughter is often in a pretty dress with wellies and scratched legs - she looks like a street urchin but I love the look!
    Your house makes me drool whenever I look at it - I'm so envious!

  7. Your husband and daughter look very stylish! I don't quite think I could pull off any of those models' looks while gardening. I tend to get all sweaty and dirty, lol!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog ~ I'll definitely be visiting yours again.
    Oh, and international orders are welcome at my Junk Sale. :)

  8. Your blog is gorgeous....and your house....I am green with envy!!

    Loved your comment over at mine :)

  9. i love love love the country style,
    your livings style too, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!!!
    Have a nice week, Elena

  10. I just adore this feminine style!! Lovely post!
    Hope your week is off to a great start xxooxx

  11. Great post - I love your house and style. Thanks for your visit and comment - have a super week.

  12. I'm so excited to find your blog. It's just lovely. Beautiful images and especially of your precious daughter. Thank you for stopping by RHS & I'll be back here very soon. Glad you took the plunge!


  13. Ohhh..ohh..ohh what a lovely, fantastic house you have !!!
    Have a nice day
    From Anette in Sweden

  14. Thanks for dropping by on my blog! I was looking at yours and I had the impression to be looking at mine!:)
    It's so nice to know that there are other "like" minds and styles out there. Your house is just gorgeous and I so relate to you concerning the whole gardening deal!! I'm also a city girl turned country!
    It seems to me that the British brand Joules sells rather stylish gumboots- thats Australian for wellies! I'll try to put a post up for you; cheers Iris.

  15. Oh how wonderful it would be if we could look that stylish while gardening! :) THANK YOU so much for the tips about London, I really, really appreciate it!!!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  16. Helloo - thank you so much for visiting my blog. Hey, I too am a London girl turned country, having a ball with my family (hubby, 4 kids) plus insane but adorable spaniel.

    Also share with you aweakness for shabby chic - so forgiving! - Danish design, and Jane Austen. Whoop whoop!!

    And my mum is from Norfolk - I spent every weekend and holiday (it seemed), up there and so have a huge love of the place. The house is still there, in Binham, and we visit when we can. Are you coastal?

    Currently coveting a slightly Amish style linen apron for gardening - with long ties and big pocket at the front. In a gorgeous enough colour could that be stylish? Toast -esque?? Not sure.

  17. p.s. ALSO, In-laws house called Hill House too - spooky!

  18. Thank you ALL SO MUCH for the lovely comments! Belinda - we're slap bang in the middle of Norfolk, but I love driving up to the North Norfolk coast, particularly Burnham Market - so pretty - and great shops!
    Not Perfect But Nice - yes Joules is great - very colourful Gumboots (LOVE that word!).
    Thanks for enjoying! xxx

  19. Mrs Sutton - I am so very glad I found your blog today. I have just moved ut of the big smole with my daugter. Not as far as Norfolk but a big old georgian Rectory (in need of much, much work) in Kent. Was beginning to doubt myself but your blog has cheered me up no end. Ill be watching with enthusiasm!

  20. Dear Steph - SO glad you found me! Yes, every day is still an adventure, but I'm definitely glad we did it! Please let me know if you are writing a blog as I'd love to see your adventure too - safety in numbers and all that! xx


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