2 Sep 2010

Glamorous Gardener (A Novice in The Garden Part 2)

It’s no wonder I’m a novice in the garden when currently, all I can think about is what to wear while weeding, cropping and cutting. Perhaps it’s just delay tactics to put off the inevitable (LOVE the idea of gardening and growing things – LOATHE the idea of getting dirty!) As mentioned in my previous post – I have been tinkering a bit, and I must say that it’s one of the most satisfying feelings when I’ve planted, nurtured or harvested something of my own – especially when it’s still living and breathing a week later.

So, while I muster up the courage to get down and dirty in the garden TODAY(Autumn has arrived in the Norfolk countryside – no rain, just cool, misty mornings and clear bright days – simply beautiful – oh, and as I look far better in a cardigan than in a bikini it’s my absolute most favourite time of year – so no excuses!) Here’s what I would LOVE to be wearing. I shall keep these images in my head while I don my ripped dungarees, my husbands musty old driving gloves and my father-in-laws Australian bush hat (complete with corks.) Sigh…

How about a chic little gardening hat to start with?

Some Hunter Wellies goes without saying (is the evening gown too much?)

A little help for the more challenging jobs wouldn’t go amiss!

Yes, there’s absolutely no reason why one cannot combine gardening with sartorial elegance.

After all inspiration comes in many forms – which came first the cabbage or the couture?

Or perhaps I’ll just leave the whole thing to my other half and one of the girls. I think that she looks far better in the wellies than I ever could – don’t you?

Have a great day! x

(images courtesy of Ruven Afanador/Tatler; Steven Meisel/Vogue/Burberry)

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