Monday, 27 September 2010

Georgian Houses

So why did a cosmopolitan, sushi eating, shoe loving, chai latte drinking, ex-magazine Bookings Editor leave the 'golden paved' streets of London for a house in the rural English countryside - where the nearest shop is a 15 minute drive away? No, there's no punch line, but it is a question that I am often asked!

The main reasons obviously revolve around family, space and quality of life. However, there was also the fact that ever since I can remember, I have been BESOTTED with the Georgian period of architecture.

Ever since I saw my first Jane Austen adaptation on the television, I vowed that one day I would own a house that would have suited Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy (okay - perhaps the poorer, younger brother of Mr. Darcy, since his house was a MAGNIFICENT as well as HUGE Georgian country pile).

Closer to what I had in mind, was perhaps the sort of house that the parish vicar would have lived in; genteel, understated and often deceptively modest in size despite a grand exterior.

The classical references, such as porticoes,the double hung sash windows and shallow roof, all add up to a child's image of a house.

However, beautiful proportions on the outside, also means light, airy rooms with high ceilings on the inside.

So who could blame me for insisting that one of the main criteria in deciding whether or not to relocate to the English countryside, was that the house must have the simplistic, dolls house like symmetry that is such a particular trait of the small Georgian country house.

Heavily influenced by classical architecture - I think that there's something undeniably romantic about them.

The heyday of Georgian building was between 1790 - 1800, but the style largely stretches from 1714 - 1837. My home, Hill House (below), dates from the late Georgian period, and was built as the Master Brewers house (attached to a nearby and now defunct brewery) in 1822.

I like to think that I've found my life size dolls house - what do you think?


  1. wow! I love it. what a dream home.

  2. It's is your blog. You're among our "blogs we love". The charm and elegance of your home is wonderful...our idea of paradise!!

  3. Oh yes you did!! I love it. Mr Darcy would definately feel at his ease!!

    P.S thanks for your comment today. You made me laugh. You know a laugh a day keeps the doctor away. Or is it an apple. Maybe it's more like laughter is medicine for thy soul? Anyway it's good for you! Merci.

  4. Oh, yes, I adore this style, too! So gorgeous, it makes me want to stand on a moor and scream "Mr. Darcy"! XX!

  5. Incidentally, I was brought up in a Georgian House, I have very fond memories of my childhood. The English Country is very pretty, not to mention the nice, clean air.
    I wish you a happy week. X

  6. beautiful post and blog!
    Kisses from Croatia.
    Zondra Art

  7. I couldn't agree more! Wonderful houses! Thank you for visiting my blog and for introducing me to yours!

    Best Wishes from Caroline

  8. Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog, I'm new to the blogging world and women, such as yourself, have been amazing and supportive! Thank you dear xoxoxo ~Ashley

  9. Hi Mrs Sutton,

    Thank you for stopping by and the well wishes for the house. Means the world to us.

    These homes you've featured are simply stunning. With those huge windows, the light inside is certainly amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. thanks for visiting my blog :)

    hope you will visit often.
    your english house sounds gorgeous

    Betty Bake

  11. I think your house could be straight out of a Jane Austin book, we live in a church house but the symmetry is a little wayward due to the fact we have two front doors!and people often think it is 2 houses.
    Love the lovely picture of Jane Austins House in Clawton -keep meaning to visit but it seems its opening hours does not coincide with our visits.
    Jill x

  12. You found it! Now can we see the inside?

  13. I think it is simply lucky girl :)

  14. oh my - we simply don't have homes like these in Vancouver BC Canada. I may have ducks that make you hoot, but boy, you have homes that make me swoon! oh, the acron may appear larger than it actually is when using the macro setting!

  15. Beautiful home! It really does look like it belongs in a Jane Austin novel. So romantic.
    Oh and I am curious about the minature carousels you mentioned in your comment on my blog. These sound adorable.

  16. i am a die- hard jane austen reader from my school days...
    and now living on this side of the globe, with decidedly less sandy feet and more boots and scarves...i am in love with all things british...
    a georgian house being HUGE on that list!

    just lovely to meet you....

    melissa x

  17. Your house is absolutely gorgeous, I am so envious!!!! I love Georgian houses particularly, the proportions, the symmetry, just wonderful. I'm sure you never get tired of driving up to it and thinking "That's mine!" :)

    Thank you so much for your recent comments on my blog, I really appreciate them - I can always tell that you "get" what I am trying to say, even on occasions when I look back and think I could have expressed it better! Your comment on my "blank page" post the other day really touched me and I thank you for that.

    Have a lovely day :)

  18. oh such a beautiful house - I am all envy !!
    Thank you for stopping by at my place, and I apologise for the inevitable disappointment you will have had when visiting Ruby Days shop... the shop is new and I've not yet added any pretty textile goodies, but they will appear in the near future!! I've made and sold lots of pretty goodies via fairs/shows etc in the past and now feel it's time to use the internet and thereby avoid the panic making for a one-day show!
    I'm so glad you popped by as I've now discovered your own blog, and will certainly be visiting often. Now I notice a picture of Brissi products in your sidebar too - aaah! I loved the Brissi shop in Marlborough in its heyday!
    So much to say, so many posts to read - I'm off to browse your previous posts now!
    Lovely to meet you!
    Denise x

  19. simply wonderful!!!
    I love Georgian houses!!

  20. It's a beautiful post!!! I like this cottages,

  21. Your home looks absolutely dreamy....I love it!

  22. Hello, I just found your blog and I love your home, be sure to get the spare room ready for me. All you'll need to feed me is Tea. I'll be the perfect house guest. Take care and I love your blog.

    Lisa xx

  23. Hello Mrs Simpson.
    I think you have found a gem.

  24. Good day Mrs Sutton...
    Thank you for posting on my new blog... and I had to look at yours, and madly scrolled down the gorgeous Georgian homes wondering when we would see yours... would it disappoint, would it be as perfect as hoped. No and Yes.
    I too live in Norfolk, another reason for stopping by this fine sunny morning to say Hello, and I shall be back for more.

  25. Mrs Sutton,

    I have *finally* posted a reply to your lovely tag post! Thought I'd let you know.

    It took me quite a while to think through the answers I wanted to give, as you'd obviously put some thought into the quesitons. I didn't just want to write a flippant response.

    Thanks so much for thinking of me


  26. Your home is so elegant and perfect!!!

  27. It's a beautiful house. My heart stopped for a minute because my grandparents lived in Hill House in Braceby, Lincolnshire. I was madly scrolling down to see if it was the same one.

    How lovely to be situated in this house in the country.

  28. Hi to you, finally managed to get onto your blog after you contacted me.. What a house you have, I am utterly blown away... it is so much prettier than mine to look at, but quite like inside, I shall share my photos soon on the blog I write so you can see.. I am delighted to make your acquaintance and look forward to reading you regularly!! What gorgeous weather we have today, makes one feel so good to be alive!! janzi

  29. Oh my word ... your house is perfectly proportioned & just so elegant. I love your light, bright & shabby chic style ... That was certainly worth relocating for.
    Dee at the Carlton

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