Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Discarded Treasures!

Heaven is a Saturday morning local market, with time spent rummaging through the various odds, ends and curiosities. Discovering the many unloved, discarded - and yet often quite beautiful - treasures is a guilty pleasure that my family thankfully put up with come rain or shine! On one of my regular trips to the market town of Swaffham, I found these delightful glass 'fancies'.

My husband calls my rummaging trips 'junking' but polished up and placed in the right location - even he admits that they have a certain beauty!

And the children are happy when they are rewarded for their never ending patience!


  1. OHHH -what beautiful finds!!!! (I am a cake stand fanatic....!)

    I too, after more than 10 years, went to a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago - inspired by all the lovely ladies reporting on their blogs about their found treasures - and came home with: herbs, potted herbs. There was absolutely NOTHING that caught my eye...Still enjoyed my early morning out... :). Maybe another time.... :)

    Have a lovely evening!!!



  2. These look so great - so retro modern. They sort of remind me of Philippe Starck's lighting fixtures featuring cut glass, or even his patisserie at the Bazaar which is cake stand heaven:



  3. Hi Nicola, yes, there are days - usually the wet ones - when nothing seems to stand out and the only thing I return with is a car full of grumpy children!

    And Simon - you have given me the most convincing argument for persuading my husband to continue accompanying me on my treasure hunts - the words 'Philippe' and 'Starck' will send him into spasms of delight! Also, what beautiful and inspirational images of the cake stands and glass jars on flickr - thank you SO much for the links.

    Enjoy your day!
    Mrs. Sutton x

  4. Dear Paula (....PLEASE may I continue calling you Mrs Sutton? I like it! Sounds somewhat mysterious and interesting....)

    THANK you SO much for your kind words!!! I really, really enjoy your blog and because of this, there is something for you on my blog (on September Cottage, not the kitchen one).

    Have a wonderful evening!!!!



  5. Wow, you find some beautiful glassware! I loved the cheese dome you show on a later post too! Beautiful house and great blog!

  6. I love your pressed glass bits - they are just so elegant. That gold 'D' is lovely ...
    Dee at the Carlton


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