2 Jul 2010

Hill House

So just over a year ago, my husband and I decided that it would be a great idea to move out of London and bring the kids up in the countryside. Most of our friends thought that we were crazy. I was seen as a ‘City girl’ through and through. A career in fashion, a wardrobe where ALL shoes have heels (the only flats I posessed took me from the bed to the bathroom in the morning.) However, all of that changed when I had children. A son and then twin girls in quick succession…and suddenly the allure of a larger patch of green, a couple of chickens and some fat overstuffed chairs began to feel a little more convincing. I even managed to get my head around the idea of wearing wellington boots (and they haven’t left my feet since). However, most of all, I fell in love again…with a house. Hill House.

It had a lovely garden large enough for my son to play football…

And a courtyard where I could learn to plant things or just sit and drink tea…

A ‘drawing room’ where I could put my favourite chair (away from the children!)

A kitchen with shutters and my first proper larder – bliss!

But best of all – the perfect resting place for a proper dressing table – a £40 e-bay find that luckily fit in perfectly!

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