Friday, 2 July 2010

Hill House

So just over a year ago, my husband and I decided that it would be a great idea to move out of London and bring the kids up in the countryside. Most of our friends thought that we were crazy. I was seen as a 'City girl' through and through. A career in fashion, a wardrobe where ALL shoes have heels (the only flats I posessed took me from the bed to the bathroom in the morning.) However, all of that changed when I had children. A son and then twin girls in quick succession...and suddenly the allure of a larger patch of green, a couple of chickens and some fat overstuffed chairs began to feel a little more convincing. I even managed to get my head around the idea of wearing wellington boots (and they haven't left my feet since). However, most of all, I fell in love again...with a house. Hill House.

It had a lovely garden large enough for my son to play football...

And a courtyard where I could learn to plant things or just sit and drink tea...

A 'drawing room' where I could put my favourite chair (away from the children!)

A kitchen with shutters and my first proper larder - bliss!

But best of all - the perfect resting place for a proper dressing table - a £40 e-bay find that luckily fit in perfectly!



  1. Mrs Sutton, I have stumbled upon your blog via your comment
    in Mrs Blanding's post on bold colours in historic houses.
    Lucky you to have found Hill House~ and lucky me to have discovered
    a kindred spirit who writes so engagingly of life at home.
    Carry on, Mrs Sutton. It's bound to be a wonderful journey.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Toby!

  3. What a lovely House!
    I am a country girl at heart.(smile)
    I hope to move to country with big garden, veggie patch. etc.
    I can't wait to hear more of your new country life.
    Julie xx

  4. Hi Julie - yes, the vegetable patch and chickens are on my list too - although I'm certainly no gardener - in London we had a concrete terrace, so every blade of grass is a new experience to me! xx

  5. absolutely amazing house! you are one lucky lady ;)

  6. Thanks for your lovely words on my blog! I just love your house. The kitchen looks amazing cant you show us more? I understand why you moved. l am also looking to buy a house in the country. I have exactely the same thoughts you are talking about. Wanting the kids to grew up in the country and on the same time up root them and will the find friends and so on!

    All the best

  7. A courtyard - dreamy!! I LOVE your chair! It suits that room so perfectly! I have a picture of a similar one that I cut out of a magazine years ago in my 'FOLDER'!! I still haven't found one :( I did find a new one in high end furniture shop - but at 1800 it was too pricey!!


  8. Paula!!!!!!! Your house is SUBLIME!!!!!!!! The most perfect Georgian (or is is perhaps Palladian?) symmetry I have ever seen and I adore the way you have decorated it - a match made in heaven! I'm so glad to have finally found your blog!!!!! Warmest wishes - Glenda


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